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Top 10 Cars With Spectacular Sunroofs

Drivers highly value cars with panoramic sunroofs, according to the sales statistics. And there are several reasons for that! For example, cars’ sunroofs make the cabin look more spacious. They are more convenient than convertibles, as you can enjoy the airy look anytime, even if it’s raining. The final benefit is that the best sunroof cars don’t cost much, as such roofs are present in vehicles of every segment, not only luxury. Convenience and joy while driving can be affordable. Our list of cars with the largest sunroofs will prove this fact!

#10 Scion tC


This sports coupe by Scion is a replacement for FR-S (now Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT-86) that costs $7.000 more. If you are looking for value for money, tC is what you should pay attention to. It’s starting price is around $20.000 and it offers great features, for example, a spectacular glass moonroof. It adds to the joy a driver feels while accelerating with the help of a 180 hp engine on a pleasant summer day.

Also, this roof gets one of the highest rates from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

#9 Hyundai Veloster


Here’s our next exponent on the list of the best sunroof cars. A relatively sporty Veloster is somehow similar to the tC, as it’s affordable, comfortable, and stylish. Its unusual hot hatch silhouette attracts attention not worse than expensive cars do. Of course, it is equipped with a nice panoramic roof. Still, you’ll need to pay $2.100 extra for that.

As for other characteristics, this vehicle can surprise with power. A 1.6l turbocharged motor with its 201 hp is real fun on the road!

#8 2-Door Hardtop MINI Cooper


MINI is always about style and comfort when it comes to cars with the largest sunroofs. It is small and nice-looking, having a power-operated sunroof. The manufacturer also equips the Premium version of this little car with a powerful audio system (Harman/Kardon), auto-unlock feature for the 3d door, a keyfob-sensing function, and a cargo-management bundle.

Surprisingly, the price for this cutie starts from only $20.700.

Also, you should keep in mind that there is a great variety of MINIs with sunroofs, still, this one is the most affordable and compact.

#7 Volkswagen Golf


Among cars with the largest sunroofs, there is the 2016 Golf. It’s price starts at $22.500 while the SportWagen version will cost you almost $25.000.

Still, the latter has plenty of premium options except for the basic infotainment system ‒ heated front seats, car-net connectivity features, various safety options, and so on. Also, the IIHS gave Volkswagen’s panoramic roofs the ‘Good’ mark.

#6 Kia Optima


This car is larger than previous vehicles on our list of the best sunroof cars. The 2016 midsize Optima has a two-pane automatic sunroof in the premium version for EX and SX cars. It also includes a sunshade for the brightest summer days. 

For the SX Limited version, such a roof is built-in by default. Of course, the price is higher. If you want to get a premium turbocharged vehicle, you’ll have to pay around $36.400. However, you’ll get lots of top features for your safety and comfortability: leather seats, a premium audio system (Harman/Kardon), and lots of driver-assistance perks.

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#5 Hyundai Sonata


Another Korean vehicle has got fifth place in the rating of the best sunroof cars. Hyundai follows a similar approach to its counterpart. The entry-level Sonata costs not much (almost $22.000) and can’t boast any luxury options. 

Should you need extra features including a sunroof, you’ll have to pay around $30.000 for the Sonata Limited edition. However, you know what you pay for ‒ a panoramic sunroof, heated/ventilated front seats and heated rear seats, a powerful sound system, a large infotainment screen with navigation, and a heated steering wheel.

#4 Audi A3


A 2016 subcompact sedan has all the features other Audis can boast. What’s more, a panoramic roof is a standard perk for this vehicle, which makes it one of the best sunroof cars. Even a more expensive A4 can’t impress drivers with that!

A3 with a sunroof will cost you around $31.000 and except for a great sporty look, you’ll get Audi’s key safety technologies, heated washer nozzles, and other interesting and convenient features.

#3 Chrysler 300


It’s time to move to more expensive cars with the largest sunroofs. The next vehicle on our list is Chrysler 300 2016. This is a perfect choice for sophisticated drivers who value not only the comfort of this full-size sedan but also its elegant and classic appearance.

A sunroof makes it just outstanding considering other highly valued specs like rear-wheel drive, a powerful engine, and soft suspension.

#2 Lincoln MKZ


Lincolns have always been impressive. When the Ford Motor Company decided to equip them with sunroofs, they became outstanding, emphasizing the luxury essence of the vehicle. Though the price of an MKZ with a panoramic roof reaches $40.000, it’s fully justified. This midsize sedan has lots of premium features: wooden cabin trim, leather seats with the heating option for front, and a 10.1” gauge cluster.

#1 BMW 3 Series Sports


The first prize takes BMW, and this is not surprising, as the Bavarians offer cars with the largest sunroofs and with outstanding tech specs. 3 Series is one of the best sunroof cars ever, and it is worth only $42.650, which is wonderful for such a set of characteristics! This vehicle will please its owner with an expansive panoramic roof, a power cabin sunshade, and a wind deflector that is equipped by default. 

So, these are the top 10 cars with the largest sunroofs that you can afford. And if you can’t, wait a bit until someone makes a discount for their used car. 😉 Anyway, you’ll enjoy driving such a panoramic car, whether it is BMW or Kia. Cars’ sunroofs are not the main feature you pay attention to when choosing a car, still, such things contribute to your satisfaction with everyday life.

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