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What car brand should I buy in 2020?

If you are shopping for a new car, truck, SUV, or minivan, here is the list of the best buy quality cars presented by Kelley Blue Book last November 2020.

Have you ever been struggling with a dilemma “should I get a car or SUV”? If so, KBB is sharing with you some useful tips and insights, which will definitely come in handy to make the right choice. But first things first, let us highlight the main criteria and key requirements for new vehicles in 2020. Quality, comfort, driving dynamics, dependability, low ownership costs, and affordability ‒ these are core indicators to determine our priorities and loyalty to a certain brand. Indeed, there are no dramatic changes in comparison with the last year.


“Midsize Truck” and “Two-Row Midsize SUV” categories were included in KBB’s Best Buy Awards list after their in-depth testing. There was also a split between “Electric Car” and “Plug-in Hybrid” segments. Honda Accord keeps holding primacy among other family sedans as it is really fun to drive especially its sports model with a six-speed manual and intuitive infotainment system. What is more, Honda proved the top manufacturer, having won 5 of the 15 segments. Honda Civic is second to none because of its practical and spacious interiors and lots of versions to choose from. On the whole, it is a well-rounded compact car that goes above and beyond its seller’s reputation.

The title for the Best New Car went to Hyundai Motor Group evewon just 4 segments. Spunky driving dynamics, usable real-world driving range, generous warranty coverage ‒ these are just some of Hyundai Kona’s advantages. Competitive electric car attributes in a SUV form make it one of the main favorites.


Such manufacturing beasts as Ford and Audi are also in the list by winning multiple segments. Of course, you might be curious why luxury saloon cars or expensive sports cars have not been mentioned yet. Just take a look at Best Buy Awards below and choose whatever appeals you most no matter whether it is a subtle sedan Lexus ES or a rough pickup track Ford-150.

Best New Car / Best Three-Row Midsize SUV: 2020 Kia Telluride

Best Compact Car: 2020 Honda Civic

Best Midsize Car: 2020 Honda Accord

Best Subcompact SUV / Electric Car: 2020 Hyundai Kona

Best Compact SUV: 2020 Honda CR-V

Best Two-Row Midsize SUV: 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe

Best Full-Size SUV: 2020 Ford Expedition

Best Midsize Pickup Truck: 2020 Chevrolet Colorado

Best Full-Size Pickup Truck: Ford F-150

Best Minivan: 2020 Honda Odyssey

Best Plug-in Hybrid Car: 2020 Honda Clarity PHEV

Best Luxury Car: 2020 Lexus ES

Best Subcompact Luxury SUV: 2020 Audi Q3

Best Compact Luxury SUV: 2020 Audi Q5

Best Midsize Luxury SUV: BMW X5

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