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My Cyberpunk Artwork

Hey, twifters!

Hope you all are safe and sound during this freaking pandemic.

This is my first post on TWIFT, and I hope you all enjoy it. Let’s get to know each other.

I’m Mariia Gaevska

Mary Gaevska

I never studied art professionally. I always learning everything by myself. Originally I started painting with pencils since 2000. Then I switched to painting with charcoal, oil, and watercolor on canvas.

In 2018, I realized that these techniques are not interesting to anyone and are not relevant. So I switched to digital painting. Having bought my first graphic tablet, I began to learn everything through tutorials. In the first half of the year, I was drawing 6-7 hours every day. So you can imagine that the author’s work was taking around 2-3 days.

But my hard work did pay off. Now the creation of the author’s art takes from 5 to 9 hours on average. I draw on bold topics, as it is relevant among content consumers and it is not surprising even now that people are fascinated by the naked body. Moreover, if art is also meaningful, people are delighted to reflect on what the essence of art is and what it wants to tell them.

Now I create custom portraits and family arts and print them on large canvases; I also create artworks for musicians, singles, covers, and music video attributes.

Here are a couple of my artworks to check. I’ll drop some new ones shortly. Tell me what you guys think.

mariia gaevska
mariia gaevska
mariia gaevska

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Peace and love to everyone

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