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7 Best Travel Apps For The Adventurous

As I was sitting today, looking at my photos from the Santiago walk I had in 2019 it hit me! I was properly prepared for the journey. That’s why I made a list with the traveling apps, that were most helpful. I hope they will do the job for you too. 

travel apps
traveling through Northern Spain

Here are the 7 most useful traveling apps that will help you in different moments on your journey. 


Kiwi is the best app for the first approach to your journey. It’ll do the combining and the research for you. However, it’s perfect for scatterbrains. You’ll get notifications right on time. No need to worry, because you’ll be definitely in time for your flight with Kiwi


Not flying? Not a problem. This app saved my day many times in different travels. It’s cheap and it’s comfortable. What more can you want? FlixBus sometimes has awesome special offers, which can be an additional motivation for starting a trip. Like go to Amster for 5$! Pack the bags! By the way, they have FlixTrain if you prefer it the old-fashioned way 😉


Sometimes, packing can be a real pain in the butt. Luckily, the PackPoint app is almost like your mom made the list of stuff you need to take. Yet, the app recommends only things you really need. Never forget anything again! 


Now, you have your tickets and luggage (only with the essentials). It’s time for you to find the best accommodation. Although, Couchsurfing app is not a patron in such lists, I decided to add it anyway. Without a doubt, many people are okay with staying in hotels only. Yet, why not try excelling your traveling experience. For the three months of traveling, I met a bunch of wonderful and interesting people. This app is really a treasure for a true traveler!

Alrighty. You have landed, happy, and filled with anticipation of your adventure. Ah! Muy Bien! Clearly, as in the good old times, we need a map! Now, don’t get me wrong, but offline maps are much better than the online ones. Plus is super accurate literally in the middle of nowhere. With it you can be sure to reach the needed destination. 

Happy Cow

Fully orientated, you are now starting to get a little bit hungry. , We all know the feeling of irritable hunger. No searching, no time-wasting. In fact, if you aren’t traveling alone, take care to eat on time (girls know what I mean :D). Happy Cow app will guide you to the nearest restaurant that suits you (god bless the filtered search). It’s perfect not only for vegetarians. Suits people who are willing to open themselves up to new tastes and variants too. Plus, all the places have their unique and comfy atmosphere :3. 

travel apps
CatBar, Barcelona found with the app

Culture Trip: For Curious Travellers

With all the basic needs fulfilled, you can now treat yourself with some pure explorer style walk. Culture Trip gives you the right amount of useful information and a lot of opportunities to visit lowkey spots. You can read about the historical landmarks, find awesome museums and a lot more. 

Last, but not least

Most importantly, remember to let yourself go! Just put your smartphone away, and let the vibe of the place take you away. Wondering the old streets of some medieval little village, or enjoying the warm lamp colors.  Just be there. No photo is capable of saving the impression from the here and now! Save journey! 

P.S. The tide always turns! Don’t waste your time in anxiety, better start planning that trip you left for the bucket list. The lockdown isn’t here to stay ;). 

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