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New Rules for Eurovision 2021

The organizers of Eurovision 2021 told in what way all representatives will take part in the competition, even if they are not able to arrive in Rotterdam due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new rules have been published on the official website of the music competition.

Eurovision 2021

All this bullshit with the rules is done only so that this year the competition will pass no matter what, even if the pandemic is in full swing. So the coronavirus sucks!

The organizers offer all participants to make a so-called “live recording”. That is, to record your performance in your homeland, while observing all the rules ‒ do not process the voice with any effects during recording and after it.

The entry must be unique and remain unpublished until the first semi-final in May. It should not contain elements of augmented or virtual reality, filters, shooting from a drone, the use of chroma key, and other effects.

Usually, at the Eurovision Song Contest, all artists perform on the same stage under the same circumstances, having equal opportunities to prove themselves. Concerning the “live recordings”, the Eurovision organizers have approved additional measures to guarantee the fairness of the competition.

How should the recording proceed?

Before recording, each participating broadcaster will meet with a coordinator and present a schedule of the recording session, studio settings, and a camera plan.

The Head of Delegation must be present during the 60-minute recording session of the three permitted takes and, independently or with someone who has the appropriate authority, make the final decision on which take will be selected.

During the recording, a direct connection will be established to allow the ESC Executive Supervisor and the Independent Voting Observer representative to oversee the process, provide assistance and support, and ensure the integrity of the recording.

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Earlier, the organizers of Eurovision presented four scenarios for the event in 2021. The format of the competition will depend on the epidemiological situation in the world. One option is to hold the competition at the Ahoy Concert Hall in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a jury and audience in attendance. The possibility of holding Eurovision completely online is also being considered.

Currently, 41 countries have been announced to participate in the competition in 2021. The final format of Eurovision 2021 has not yet been determined, but it’s already known that it is planned to be held from 18 to 22 May.

The first semi-final of the competition will take place on May 18, and the second semi-final is scheduled for May 20. The final part of the concert will be on May 22.

According to the organizers of the competition, the artists will perform on the same stage that was prepared for Eurovision 2020.

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