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No Time To Die: How’s the New Theme Song from Billie Eilish?

Many of James Bond fans were surprised and even a bit confused when they found out who would perform the theme song for the new movie! Though she was old enough to set the last Bond movie when its rates fell to PG-13, many of us considered this strange, before we heard that music… Believe us, you won’t be left indifferent after listening to it!

james bond soundtrack

Billie is now 18 and it is a perfect match for a singer who performs the piece of art for No Time to Die. The theme of the same name ‘No Time to Die’, as told by Lacma news, brings deep sound with a touch of espionage melancholy, which is just great for a breakout star. 

Facts about the Single

Eilish wrote and produced the “No Time” with her older brother Finneas O’Connell at the end of last year. Having spoken at the Grammy Awards in January, she revealed that the track for a James Bond movie was her dream.

“Both subconsciously and consciously, we tried to write a music theme for Bond during our whole life,” she told E! News.

james bond soundtrack

It shares the same features that were present in previous theme songs, like life and death, which is suitable for the movie summing up drama and action, danger and excitement.

“Now you’ll never see me cry,” sings the girl. “There’s just no time to die.”

Billie Eilish, who preferred not to use her voice in full force on her debut album, nevertheless sings in a song for Bondiana to match the performers of previous franchise songs.

Public Opinion on the Theme Song for New Movie

Critics, unlike Bond fans who are not yet sure whether Billie’s “No Time” song will be better than other OST’s, were very sympathetic to the song.

james bond soundtrack

The media are also very fond of the song for No Time to Die, for example, The Independent describes the track as one of the best that has ever been in a franchise. Roshin O’Connor, an author in this web-magazine, wrote that the track was performed in the traditional 007 style, still, with synth-pop motives that made the song her own.

The Guardian calls Billie Eilish’s song suitable for the Craig era Bondian theme.

As described by Neil McCormick of The Telegraph, the grim noir Eilish tickles his back.

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