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How to Summon a Demon?

Nowadays everyone says that demonology is bad, summoning demons is dangerous and it’s a cursed art. Well, they are right. After summoning a demon, they can take possession of your body, kill you, drag into the world of darkness, doom to eternal suffering and literally do whatever they want. But in the same way, you can crash on a plane, get into a car accident or some robber will just kill you. So why worrying too much? 

You know the most famous demon summoner is King Solomon. And people still consider him as the smartest man of all.

King Solomon

King Solomon is the most awkward and mysterious person. His life is covered with mystery, and death occurred under very strange circumstances. In our time, there is not a single historical evidence of his existence, however, some of his acts are described in the Bible. There are paintings and murals with his image and some notes made by historians of antiquity.

As the legend says, King Solomon ruled the kingdom of Israel in 965-928 BC. and was one of the wisest prophets of his era. The biggest mystery of his life is the book Lemegeton describing 72 demons of hell that once joined the King and became his servants.


Lemegeton ‒ a collection of magic books, known in different versions from the 16th century, it includes detailed lists of the names of good and evil entities with their symbols (sigils), a detailed description of magic accessories and methods of working with them.

The first book of Lemegeton ‒ Goetia (Goethia ‒ Greek “witchcraft”, “magic”) ‒ one of the most famous medieval magic books, includes Shemhamforash ‒ a catalog of 72 zodiac demons-princes of the hellish hierarchy and detailed methods how to summon demons, a description of magic tools, spells, and pentacles. According to legend, the methods underlying this art were invented by the wisest of people, King Solomon, who used spirits to carry out errands and during the construction of the Temple, revealed various secrets of their world and shackled evil spirits and demons. The magic rites of Solomon were successfully used by his followers.

how to summon a demon

How to Call a Demon

So, if you are going to call one of the demons of Goetia, you should know some facts about these bastards. First, don’t call them bastards, you can die. You cannot call all 72 demons anyway, therefore it is better to focus on these 11. I have missed the strongest and most dangerous, these 11 are most suitable for the summon. They can satisfy your main needs in life.

One of the most important steps in summoning Demons is turning to Satan.

Not all Demons are human friendly, and not all Demons are from Satan. Satan has power over all goetic demons. Most Demons are friendly when treated with respect, and the summoning demons bring joy and prosperity. I found that many Demons that cause problems to outsiders are friendly to a faithful Satanist.

Methods of how to summon Satan:

Print or draw the sigil (seal) of the Demon you want to call on a sheet of paper. 

It is important that you are left alone and not disturbed in any way. 

Close your eyes and imagine the sigil in your mind as detailed you can. 

Imagine, read or say the name of the Demon many times, either in your mind or out loud.

A demon can manifest itself in many different ways.

Through a look in a black mirror/contemplation of a transparent/reflective surface. 

Through the smoke of incense.

The demon appears directly when you are sensitive enough and in a deep meditative state.

After asking Satan, you must feel his positive energy in yourself. This is a good sign to continue. If for some reason the Demon does not respond, try another time. Often the Demon appears, but sometimes you are not mentally open enough to sense him/her.

Always offer appreciation and gratitude in exchange for his / her services. Demons always need a sacrifice. The more valuable the sacrifice, the better. But be careful and remember: the most valuable thing for a demon is you 🙂


how to summon a demon

The very first question is how to summon a demon for wealth. Who doesn’t want to tell the demon “toss a coin to your master”? The demon Bune is suitable for this.

The Twenty-Sixth Spirit of Goetia is Bune or Bim. He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke, appears in the form of a Dragon having three heads, one of them is like the head of a dog, the other is like the head of a griffin, the third is like the head of a man. He speaks in a high and pleasant voice(only man head), he rules the places of the dead and orders the spirits that obey to him to gather at the graves. He gives wealth to man and makes him wise and eloquent, he gives truthful answers to your questions, and manages 30 Legions of Spirits.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The Fifty-third Spirit is Camio or Caim. He is the Great Governor and first appears in the form of thrush, then takes on the appearance of a man with a sharp sword in his hand. He makes predictions on burning ashes or coals. He is a good debater. His service is to teach people to understand all the birds, mooing oxen, barking dogs, and other creatures, as well as the voices of the waters. Have you ever wanted to know what these fucking animals say? I don’t think that they are interesting conversationalists, but you can try to ask your cat why it is so lazy.

He gives correct answers about upcoming events. He belonged to the Order of Angels, but now controls more than 30 Legions of Hellish Spirits. Here is his Seal that you must wear.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The Ninth Spirit is Paimon, the Great fucking King of demons, completely submissive to Lucifer. It is very hard to explain how to call a demon and of course how to control him. He appears in the image of a man with a magnificent crown on his head, sitting on a dromedary (one-humped camel). There is a crowd of Spirits in front of him, similar to people, with trumpets, plates and other musical instruments. He has a loud voice, and he roars at his first appearance, and his speech is that the Magician may not understand him until he makes him express more clearly. Looks like Aladdin in some way, doesn’t he?

This Spirit can teach you all arts, sciences, and various secret things. He can reveal to you what the Earth is and what the Reason is and where it is, and he will teach you all that you wish to know. He grants dignity and demands the same. He obliges and forces any person to serve the magician. So, slaves, not the best thing to do, but if you summoned a demon, you are a strange person already. He gives good friends, those who can teach all the arts. Here is his Symbol, which you need to wear in front of you.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

Previously, men summoned him in order to fall in love with a woman. Another eternal problem in this world. The price of the appeal was that she could no longer have a baby. Great news. Now you won`t need to spend money on condoms. And don’t forget about the demographic crisis in the world, there are too many people. As a result- not so bad.

The count appears in red robes and armor, like a soldier. He rules the 26 Legions of Hellish Spirits, here is his Seal, which he obeys when he sees it.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The seventy-second Spirit is Andromalius. He is the Great and Mighty Earl, appears in the image of a man with a huge snake in his hand. His service is to return both the thief and the goods that were stolen, and to reveal all evil and secret intentions; and punish all thieves and other evil people, discover treasures that were hidden. Agree, an excellent assistant if you are a banker or the owner of a large company. He rules over 36 Legions of Spirits. Here is his seal.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

First of all, Marquis Forneus is a demon protector. He was an angel before the fall, and many angelic creatures serve in his legions. He is able to protect the summoner from the dark pursuers. He can also contribute to building a good reputation, teaching foreign languages ​​and rhetoric. That’s right, why go to University if you can summon a demon? Although, at the University, you will not be dragged to hell. University is already their branch office.

A marquise can also influence others to change a person’s attitude towards a friendly or supportive one. His demonic form is a giant sea monster, while in human form he is dressed in a red robe with a white and black lining and a crown on his head.

Here is his seal that you must wear.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The thirty-first Spirit is Foras. He is a Mighty Governor and appears in the image of a strong man. He can give people knowledge about the properties of all herbs and precious stones. He teaches the art of logic and ethics in all their sections. At will, he can make a person invisible, give him long life and eloquence. He reveals the whereabouts of treasures and returns lost things. It can make a person invisible. Hmm … I already know what you are thinking about, little bastards.

But in some sources, the word is not “invisible”, but “invulnerable”. But in any case, he is a super cool demon, do not pass by.

He rules over 29 Legions of Spirits, here is his Seal that you must wear.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The Sixty-first Spirit is Zagan. He is the Great King and Governor, first appears in the guise of a bull with the wings of a griffin, but after a while, he takes on a human form. He makes people witty. He can turn wine into water, blood into wine, and also water into wine. Doesn’t he remind someone? Very convenient for hanging out at home with close friends.

He can turn any metal into gold. He can even make fools wise. Oh, it will definitely suit you!

He rules 33 Legions of Spirits, and here is his Seal.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The Thirty-third Spirit — Gäap. He is the Great Governor and Mighty Prince. He appears in a human form when the Sun is in the southern signs of the zodiac and goes ahead of the four great and powerful kings, showing them the way. He makes people immune and ignorant; he can also give knowledge of philosophy and all free sciences. He arouses love and hate, he can also teach you those things that are the responsibility of Amaymon, his Master. He can rescue friends from the power of other magicians, and also answers correctly and accurately, regarding the affairs of the past, present, and future. At the command and pleasure of the caster, he can very quickly transfer people from one kingdom to another. No need to count miles on the airlines.

He rules over 66 Legions of Spirits and belongs to the Order of Strength. Here is his Seal.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The Fifty-seventh Spirit is called Oso, Ose, or Voso. He is the Great Governor and first appears in the image of a leopard, but after some time takes on the appearance of a person. His service is to teach you to understand the free sciences, and also to give truthful answers about divine and secret things. At the request of the caster, he can give a person any appearance so accurately that after the transformation there is absolutely sure that this is the very true creature or thing. Man is not only turned into something, but he also thinks the same. So, if you turn a hated colleague into a cooler, he will think until the end of his wet life that he is a fucking cooler. True, sometimes Zepar does not turn into what the caster desired, so be careful. 

He rules 30 Legions of Spirits and here is his Seal.

how to summon a demon


how to summon a demon

The Forty-second Spirit — Vepar or Vephar. He is the Great and Strong Duke and appears in the guise of a mermaid. His responsibilities include managing the waters and leading ships along with them loaded with weapons, armor, ammunition, etc. By order of the caster, he can cause the sea to be truly turbulent and seem filled with ships. He can make people die in three days, infecting wounds and ulcers and causing worms to multiply in them. Creepy bullshit, but what if you need it?

 He rules 39 Legions of Spirits, and here is his Seal.

how to summon a demon

In general, these are the 11 demons that can solve all your problems in the most diverse way. Remember, summoning demons is a subtle and dangerous art, just choosing a demon is not enough. The slightest mistake, and all that you wish yourself would turn out not to be happy, but to hellish torment.

These and many other demons of Goetia are often found in various books, films, anime and more. In different sources, they are shown in different ways and there are different methods of how to summon a demon. But what is known for sure is that they cannot be joked with. You can’t relax from the fact that you allegedly “know a lot about them.” That’s nonsense. Information will never be enough. And even if you learn everything necessary, there can always be a catch. Distract during the ritual for at least a second and you will be devoured. Well, enjoy the rituals!

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