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Is it a “Megxit” or the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just want to be happy

From the very beginning, their union wasn’t greeted with glee. Especially with the black orchestra on their wedding which was called “too black even for the US”. Although it may be hard to believe, it is less than three years since Meghan Markle exploded on the world stage and her relationship with Prince Harry went viral for the first time (it was November 2016).
But in that short time, Meghan, now the Duchess of Sussex, has become the foster child of what racist, hateful women, and emotional harassment look like on a global scale. So what is the problem with Megan? She isn’t royal enough? Or she is being too controversial? As we remember that kind of woman does not live long in the royal family.

Prince Harry

It’s not a secret that Harry still can’t get over the loss of his mother and the worst reminder of her life as opposed to the best. “Every single time I see a camera, every time I hear a click, every time I see a flash, it takes me straight back…”: says Harry.

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Know what? Just let them fucking go. Why should they suffer from freaking tabloids being on their back all the time? And granny, grumbling all the time. Give Harry a chance to walk into a real world. To work like we all do. I’m sure McDonalds will find a job for him, lol. But what do you twifters think? There’s a poll under this article, let’s fucking find out!

Now he is watching his wife suffer just like his mother did. “I really tried to adapt to British sensibility of a stiff-upper-lip. What that does internally is probably really damaging”: says Megan.
At the end of the day, Harry just doesn’t want to be part of the game that killed his mother- Lady Di. With a closer look, we can find in Megan many amazing qualities Diana had. Like her kindness and devotion to helping others.

Although the press continued to spread lies about the mother of his child, so Harry was left to watch Megan struggle to keep a brave face, just like his mother did. And if 22 years ago he didn’t have the opportunity to help his mother, now he won’t stand by and watch Megan suffer the same fate.

So Harry filled a lawsuit against popular British tabloids. “I would always protect my family and now I have a family. All that she went through and what happened to her is incredibly raw every single day and that is not me being paranoid that’s me not wanting to repeat the past …”
It was decided that if they win their lawsuit, Harry and Megan will donate the proceeds to an anti-bullying charity to remind others that everyone is human.

Prince Harry

Still, there is a whole other level of this situation. The rest of the royal family isn’t willing to let go that easy. Her Majesty called for a face-to-face summit with princes Harry, William, and Charles, where Megan could participate only in a “phone mode”.

For some time there was even information about William bulling Harry, but they decline it all. But there is also the Duchess of Cambridge, who is not fond at all with the bombshell decision of Megan and Harry.
After all, it isn’t really clear about what is all the fuss, because as Harry said himself “it’s not even a fucking job”.

“I’ve just had six weeks off. Admit it. None of you even realized. I’ve been in the Army, where they make you do stuff like marching up and down and saluting a hat all night. I know a bullshit job when I see one. So when I say my wife and I are stepping back from being senior royals, it means that next time a leisure center needs opening someone from Love Island can do it instead. At least they need the money.

Yes, you could argue that my real job is smiling and waving while the tabloid press calls my wife a bitch, but they were perfectly happy hating Kate before 2016 so I’m sure they can go back.

Meghan and I will no longer be performing our pointless non-duties for the benefit of a largely indifferent public. If this matters to you, you need help.”

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