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Where to Meet Men: Forget About Online Dating Apps

Top 15 Best Places To Meet Men Without Dating Apps

Where to Meet Men

Just think about it for a second – when was the last time you approached someone in person and not through the Internet? It is said that dating apps are aimed at breaching the problem of some people getting stumbled during a live conversation. That might be true. But nevertheless, the dating app system looks a lot too polished. All those filtered photos, well thought-through profile descriptions – almost everything smells fake. And in terms of truthfulness – nothing can be compared to meeting someone in person. We can almost hear the question floating in your heads “where to meet men, then?”. Don’t worry, this article is full of handy tips aimed at helping you meet your soulmate.

The Value Of Face-To-Face Connections

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Using the on-line video solutions (like Skype e.g.) is beneficial for business meetings or talking to family members far away. However, it has proved to be one of the worst means for finding a partner, especially for the first date. 

It is understandable that time is of essence nowadays. Nobody wants to waste a whole evening for something which is clearly a lost cause. But think about it in a different way – spending an evening eye-to-eye with your date will benefit you in future.

See, meeting for the first time in a video-chat will make both of you use the imagination in many aspects of a conversation. It will be almost impossible to understand what a person is like completely. And this means that you will have to spend far more time with this person figuring if he is the one for you. While a well-planned date can spare you all these troubles. 

15 Best Places To Meet Men

So, with the aim of guiding you on how to meet men, we’ve assembled a list of fifteen best places for it. All items on this list have been carefully picked, omitting something that came out of style (like movie dates) or just boring. 

Buy the guy in the coffee shop his favorite drink

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You stumble upon each other too often in a coffee shop on your way to work – sounds familiar? Well, don’t be a stranger. Make sure you are ahead in line and ask the shop assistant to charge you for “that guy’s” drink as well. Leaving the place after that would be an intriguing move. When the guy finds out that someone paid for his drink, he would surely want to stick around tomorrow to thank this someone in person.

Social events are usually filled with single men

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Parties are the events where to meet single men will not become a problem. The key here is not to be passive. Being shy is not a bad thing but try keeping it balanced. Don’t lurk around in corners or stand silently near a wall. Guys like girls throwing some initiative.

Come up to him and start a small talk. Ask if he has known the host of the party for a long time or inquire about the drink he holds in hands. You can always highlight the stuff he’s wearing, as long as it sounds genuine.

Walk a dog

Where to Meet Men

The best way to meet men is in a park, while you both walk your dogs. This might sound a bit off, but it’s really a great way to find your future partner. Your pets can easily break the ice and also be a source of conversation topics.

From the psychological point of view, people taking care of pets usually seem more attractive to others. It may be because such a level of attraction to something small triggers parental emotions in other people and makes you look more trustworthy. After all it is one of the biggest answers lying right there in front of your eyes – is your date a cat or a dog person?

Visit your local hardware store

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Something needs repairing at home? Maybe a table leg got loose, or the kitchen mixer tap is acting funny? Go to your nearest hardware store – trust us, it is one of the best places to meet men. Allow yourself to look simple and clueless. Walk around the store with a vacant expression. Don’t be shy to ask for help from that handsome guy you’re passing by. Who knows, maybe he is as keen on meeting someone as you are and does not mind lending a hand to a girl in need. 

Participate in your church (or temple)

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If you are used to attending church on Sundays, then it might be very important for you to meet a fellow believer to start a family with. And there is no place better than during one of the weekly services. In addition, modern churches organize lots of events nowadays – conferences, meetings with speakers, music sessions, etc. Try to stay informed of all additional activities the church offers and attend a few. Your soulmate can be waiting there for you.

You can meet single men at tailgating events

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Get yourself a spot in a big group going to tailgate – you will not regret it. Single guys will be there for sure. And there is no better way to draw a man’s attention than to talk to him about his favorite sports team. As well, they say couples who tailgate together appear to be stronger and better in solving crises. Think about it.

Meet single guys while volunteering

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If you have a passion for helping others and you still struggle with how to meet single men – try volunteering. It might not be for everyone, but if you feel ready – sign up to a volunteering community. Do it only if you want to combine pleasant things with useful ones. You would not want anyone to suspect you of being not sincere.

Say hello in the grocery store line

Where to Meet Men

Standing in line in a store is boring. People usually wait their turn looking at the phones or dully watching someone ahead getting their goods beeped. Why not break the silence with a short dialogue? Especially if there is a handsome someone standing right next to you. It will not hurt to exchange some words – it’s not like you’re going to go somewhere for the next five or ten minutes. 

Starting a conversation in a store queue is a good way to pass the time and possibly find a new acquaintance. There is a big chance that the person you’re talking to is not your future husband, but anyway, it is a perfect playground for practicing your social skills.

Meet your next date at the gym

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When dating apps don’t work, you eventually reach the problem of how to meet men in real life. Well, the gym is probably one of the best places you should go for that. Single guys work out more, so you will definitely find someone there.

And starting the conversation in a casual way is not very difficult. See who’s been eyeballing you for the last half-an-hour. Then just approach him and say that you’ve been wanting to train some group of muscles. Ask to show you some exercises. Any man will be glad to boast of their knowledge on the subject.

Take a solo trip on a group tour

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Travel agencies now have a variety of options for the most sophisticated taste. Some of those offer group tours for single people. Pick a group of your age and off we go on an interesting journey with people whom we’ll get to know on the way. You might find the love of your life in one of those trips. One thing for certain – you both like to travel. That’s already a point to start with.

Single men like to run or walk in the park

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Spending time in the open air is good for your health. In addition, parks are public places, so you will feel secure there during the day. Observe your surroundings, try starting a conversation with someone. Probably it would be more comfortable not to do it while running, but if the pace is not too fast, making small talk should not be that hard.

Flying in a first-class meeting zone

Where to Meet Men

First class plane zone is definitely a place where to meet high quality men will not be a problem. Always try to look your best when traveling. Eye-catching looks will surely play on your behalf during a conversation with a fellow traveler. There’s a long flight ahead and both of you have nothing to do. Just start off by asking what book he is reading or if he is flying to a business meeting. Such simple phrases usually begin long conversations. Remember that a lot of happily married couples out there have met in airports.

The carwash could be a hookup hotspot

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Another idea to answer your “where do singles meet?” question. Men love their cars, especially taking care of them. Go to a self-service car wash and seek help from a guy you liked. He will definitely be happy to help you deal with that vacuum-cleaning machine. It is also a great way to start a conversation.

Learn something new

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Are you looking for a programmer, or maybe a wine connoisseur? Google up some new activity classes in your neighborhood. From a book club to coding practices – anything will work as long as you’re keen to it. Such events attract all sorts of different people. Your Mr. Destiny may be among them. However, don’t put yourself out of the equation. You have to like the activity the same way everyone else in that circle does. This will prove most valuable when you’re finally talking to your possible date. 

Pay attention to group calendars


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In addition to the above, we suggest you search the websites devoted to the events occurring in your town. Not dating apps though. 

The Internet is a valuable resource in the search for a soulmate. But don’t just google “where are good places to meet men”. Be creative. Facebook and Twitter have tons of groups aimed at helping people gather according to what they like. Spend some time surfing the web to meet the guy of your dreams.

Final Thoughts

Spending too much time alone can make anyone express doubts about themselves. However, always remember – there are seven billion people out there. And you just need one. So, the odds are in your favor, just don’t give up that easily.

If you lack the self-assurance to come and talk to a stranger, you can always seek help in psychology. Visit a counselor or join a group of people with similar fears for a session or two. You will see positive changes almost right away. Fight the doubts and questions like “where can I meet men?”. The answers are right in front of you.

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