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mimy the beginning

The whole story of mimy began long beforehand the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. I remember the times when people used to hang out with their friends at bars or pubs and booze there from dusk till dawn without any restrictions or limitations. Traditionally, I would also go barhopping together with my mates to catch a buzz, make bets, win money, and simply have fun. My friends would describe me as a daredevil just because I cannot imagine my life without taking risks, making bets, and coming up with some crazy ideas. Except for a great deal of gamble, I could get a tidy sum right after our next bet or debate.

mimy the beginning

We take bets on everything we discuss or argue about, starting from favorite sports teams or players and ending with some personal challenges. We accept bets on whoever gets the most drinks without getting punched or kicked out of the bar, or whoever will be able to hook up with a girl or have sex with his girlfriend afterward. The more bizarre a challenge is, the more interest, excitement, and adrenaline it brings.

With the beginning of the lockdown, the world’s customary pastime was on the verge of collapse, and so was ours. However, we decided not to give up and simply turned it into a new form of drinking and betting online. How did it work out? It worked out very well, and so we ended up with a brand-new platform that we are using now and willing to share worldwide. We can hardly imagine how many like-minded people, weirdos, or psychos would like to join it. But one thing we know for sure is that everyone is welcome! That is how we came up with our project’s name Maybe I Maybe You (mimy).

mimy is the best solution for those, who do not have time to be bothered by such small things as odds, complex selection of bets, etc. It is the right place for you if you are eager to bet no matter whether you win or lose money. That is exactly why we are called mimy. Bet on anything you like and let the fun begin right now! 

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