TWIFT | Lifestyle | Pop sensation Gulddrengen had a short comeback

Pop sensation Gulddrengen had a short comeback

Danish singer Malte Ebert has “raised from the dead” his nickname as hitmaker “Gulddreng” after a year and a half of silence.

Many people were shocked and astonished when four days ago, a picture of a bearded and tired Gulddreng suddenly appeared on Instagram. The picture itself won’t be a surprise if not the fact that the last time Gulddreng appeared was more than a year ago. Malte Ebert, the man who stands behind Gulddreng, decided to bury his alter-ego as the golden hitmaker back in February 2018.

But now Gulddreng has resurrected. At least for a while. He has released the new single ‘Stop Now’, which will focus on cleaner groundwater.

“I got the opportunity to use Gulddreng for a good cause, and it was myself who initiated the campaign. Then I got the idea that it could be cool to combine the sensible Malte Ebert and the less gifted Gulddreng,” says Malte Ebert, who both appears as Gulddreng and Malte in the music video for the song.

Gulddreng was previously widely recognized with songs like ‘Model’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘See Me Now’, but ended his career and said goodbye at a farewell concert a year and a half ago. Malte Ebert since then has been making songs in his own name.

“It’s been a long time since Gulddreng was alive and I haven’t missed him as such. It’s not a super happy reunion, but it happens for a campaign that really matters to me,” says Malte Ebert about his alter-ego.

But was Gulddreng made to disappear only because Malte Ebert had not been as successful?

“That’s not how I look at it. The success criteria for Malte Ebert are completely different than for Gulddreng. If it were because it was not going well and were for the money, then I would probably have made an advertisement for Bet365,” says Malte Ebert.

Before the revival of this mythical alias, it has been important for Malte Ebert to make it happen in the right way.

“I wrote and directed it exactly as I wanted it. If Gulddreng ever came back, it had to be done. It has been completed on my conditions,” he notes.

The future for Gulddreng stay uncertain
And on Friday, the single ‘Stop Now’ in collaboration with the Ecological Lands Association was thus released with an accompanying music video, in which Malte Ebert performs with Gulddreng for the first time ever. The whole revival has attracted a lot of attention and many controversial reactions.

“People’s reactions have been very different. Some write that they are insanely happy, while others write that it is probably because the purse is empty and that they would rather be free of Gulddreng. But those are the right reactions for me. It would have been the worst if people did not go into it. It is good that people get both angry and happy.”

But even though Gulddreng has now released new music, it is uncertain what will happen to the alias in the future, says Malte Ebert.

“We can expect him to do this song for the Organic Lands Association, but then he’ll probably go back to his castle, and then I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

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