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Porsche Reveals Awesome 911 Targa 4 and 4S for 2021

The third version of the world-known sports car will be represented by two options: Targa 4 and 4S. You can even notice a familiar Porsche 911 silhouette which has not much changed since the 60s when the first automobile legend got off the assembly line.

porsche 911

The Targa acts similarly to a convertible and allows you to remove automatically the roof with a button and technically, the Porsche 911 Targa 4 and Targa 4S in the 992 body are almost identical to other 911 versions, still, there is something new to boast.Let’s discover what the best of both worlds Porsche has brought together.

What to Choose: Cabriolet or Coupe?

If you are still wondering which option is the best choice, here is the answer ‒ Porsche Targa convertible! The benefits of both coupe and cabrio are embodied in one car. But why should you choose 911 Targa 4 or 4S instead of a cabriolet?

The first reason for that is safety, as with having an unusual body, this car is as strong and safe as a coupe. At the same time, you can allow yourself open-roof travels having an accustomed Porsche 911 silhouette everyone likes. And this is a classic option! The first Targa body was introduced in 1965! 

porsche 911

Perfect Look: Best of Both Worlds

If you take a quick look at this car, you’ll definitely recognize the classic Porsche 911 silhouette. However, the Targa body has a special wraparound design, unlike traditional 3-quarter windows. Also, there is a silver ‘Targa bar’, as the carmaker from Stuttgart calls it. 

This bar and the windscreen frame are connected with a retractable fabric once the driver pushes the button. The mechanism of the Porsche 911 Targa convertible unfolds and folds the roof in 19 seconds. The electronics monitors, if there are obstacles and once it detects them at a distance closer than 50 centimeters, suspend the process to avoid damage to the moving part.
The electronic system of the 2021 Porsche 911 is extremely smart.

porsche 911

More Details on Electronics

Except for the perfect look, which gathers the best of both worlds, a Porsche Targa convertible is like a spaceship inside. It’s smart and gives its driver an opportunity to enjoy driving at every moment. 

  • 4 and 4S models have built-in software to help a driver maintain control over the vehicle on wet roads. 
  • Also, it got the InnoDrive adaptive cruise control.
  • The new SmartLift feature is responsible for the clearance on the front axle and allows you to adjust it within 40 mm.What’s more,the electronics of the Porsche Targa convertible keeps a record of the places where the driver needs to change the clearance, so the process becomes fully automated after a couple of rides.
  • The front interior is close to traditional and all tools are displayed on frameless displays.
  • The 10.9-inch Porsche Communication Management touch screen is located in the center. It supports the latest version of Apple CarPlay.

porsche 911

Beautiful Yet Powerful

As you know, no 911 is banal. These models continue this brilliant tradition. 

  • The new generation of Porsches is presented in two versions, traditionally all-wheel drive. 
  • 4 and 4S are equipped with the same 3-liter turbo engine andits performance depends on the version. The engine of Porsche Targa convertible 4 has 379 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque and the 4S model’s engine is more powerful ‒ 443 hp in power and 530 Nm of torque
  • Both versions got an eight-gear robotic transmission with both-axis drive. Also, Targa 4S can have a 7-gear mechanical transmission.

porsche 911

Now, it’s time to learn the most important thing about what the best of both worlds is in this car! How fast is it?

  1. Porsche Targa convertible 4 needs 4.2 seconds to accelerate from standstill to the first hundred kilometers. The maximum speed of this car is 289 kmph.
  2. The 4S version performs the same in ONLY 3.6 seconds! Its maximum is 304 kmph.

Also, the wheels and brakes of the new Porsche Targa convertible are impressive. Both 4 and 4S are equipped with PASM adaptive suspension with two possible modes. The 4S model has a traction vectorization system.

porsche 911

So, ‘Take My Money’???

Well, the classic Porsche 911 silhouette and the best features of both worlds make the Porsche Targa convertible the object of desire of every reader. What can keep you from the moment you get behind the wheel of your new Porsche? Of course, its HUGE price! 🙁

It is not surprising that an automobile masterpiece can’t be cheap, especially with these ideal specs. This Targa is the most expensive model from all 992 range. 

The price of this sports car starts from $119.300 for Targa 4. If you want to get 4S, you will need to pay $135.200 for it.

Nevertheless, we believe that dreams come true. Someday, you’ll drive your bright and powerful 2021 Porsche 911 Targa!

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