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Psst, buddy, wanna have some fun challenges?

If you are as gambling as I am, then you will like the topic about which I will tell you. Challenges! I will not describe here the boring crap about how the challenges generally appeared, their history, etc. I have no idea, I don’t care. But the only thing I know is that now this whole wave is gaining incredible momentum. TikTok, Instagram, a bunch of other social networks are spreading a huge number of challenges every day. Just imagine this amazing picture: how adult intelligent people make some bullshit on camera, which is difficult to even describe. So, I’m one of those adults! The first challenge I noticed was the ancient Ice Bucket Challenge. In immemorial times, one of my friends decided to choose me to pass the baton of the challenge and thus “made” me pour cold water on the street. I liked it!

funny challenges

Yes, many people think it is childish. But this is a game, this is a competition, this is excitement. This is an adrenaline rush, that you can be better, stronger, faster, bolder. It gives you a taste of life in these gray everyday work and household chores.

Although I must admit, lately I have been playing with my friends, fulfilling and sending them requests for challenges less often. We have been in different cities for a long time. We need free time, a suitable place and mood, and because of the pandemic, all this has only become more difficult. But I’m tired of just sitting at home! Some of my good friends, with whom I often drank before, offered to help them with a beta test of one new platform called mimy. At first, I was skeptical, I thought they just needed first users or “a friend who can help for free”. But then I realized that they certainly came to the right place.

funny challenges

This is a site where I could create challenges myself, bet money on them, and play with my friends. I’m not very good at computers, so I don’t think I helped much with the beta test of their site. I just figured out how to get money from my friends for completing the event they created with a challenge on camera. But it`s good enough for me. If you want to participate, just google mimy online, you can see how cool and simple it is (since even drunk me was able to figure it out).

funny challenges

And now again, like in the good old days, I began to surf on the Internet to find cool challenges and offer them to my friends on that site, Mimy. Don’t want to waste time searching? Here are some fun challenges I’ve found lately. I have already completed several of them and received money from disgruntled friends)

Eating Challenges

For those who love to eat: in 15 minutes you need to eat 10 items from the menu of any fast food restaurant.

funny challenges

Onion (or any other hard-to-eat food)

A very interesting competition: someone with a high IQ should eat “any number” of onions in 60 seconds as they can, but not less than one. The complex system of calculating the required number can be a serious obstacle. Those who lose will have to put onions on their eyes. Dare?

Unacceptable social behavior

My “friends” decided to check how much I missed the challenges, and they rolled out this proposal to me: I had to run through a supermarket in a short woman dress and heels. I agreed, and I do not regret it a bit, because I won 20 euros!

funny challenges
(That’s not me, but the photo is cool)

But when I was preparing for this, I did not think about choosing a supermarket far away from home, which I would never go to in my life, and that in addition to the challenge itself, I needed to persuade someone to film it all on camera. so I could provide my friends with proof.

While I was running, I accidentally hit the food shelves; the security guard kicked me out, and I was blacklisted by their supermarket. Soo much fun!

And here is a whole small rating of cool ideas for challenges that I found on the Internet!

7th place

In 2012, Michael Wheatstone argued with friends that he would change his name at a 24th birthday party. And he kept his word ‒ now his name is Michelangelo Donatello Raffaello Leonardo Wheatstone. Hello Ninja Turtles.

funny challenges

6th place

A New Yorker argued with friends that he would climb on a bicycle (or rather, half of a bicycle) attached above a shop window ‒ and climbed. However, the design was not very reliable. The result is several fractures and a Christmas in the hospital.

5th place

Last year, Romanian resident Radu Kalincescu swallowed a fork on a bet. Entirely. The doctors, unlike the young man’s friends, were not impressed by this achievement. And the “hero” himself later admitted that he had acted extremely stupid.

4th place

In a drunken argument, two Russian students vowed to cross the Indian Ocean. After 3 months of preparation, they embarked on a journey that lasted 116 days. Several times they were on the verge of death, spent 5 hours in shark-infested waters when their boat capsized, but still reached the goal.

3rd place

Another person on the list who changed his name is a New Zealander who lost in poker. As payment for the loss, he had to call himself a very strange name ‒ Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova. Only one letter separated it from the name length limit established in the state by the rules.

funny challenges

2nd place

Many, perhaps, remember the events of 2006, when a 30-year-old resident of Latvia argued with friends that he would cut off his penis for one thousand lats. At the same time, he came to the clinic, delivering there the severed organ in a plastic bag. Microsurgeon Aivar Tikhonov became the first doctor in Latvia to successfully perform penis replantation.

1st place

And the leader of the rating is Thomas Fitzpatrick. In 1956, he argued with friends that he could land a plane on the streets of Manhattan. Having stolen a flying machine from an aeronautical school, on September 3 at 3 am, he landed on St. Nicholas Avenue. Interestingly, two years later, he repeated his hooligan trick, for which he later appeared in court and was found guilty in both cases.

funny challenges

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