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New Yeezy Shoes by Kanye West: how to draw parallels with Crocs

Mixed emotions – it is something that you may get after seeing the pictures of soon-to-be-released shoes by Yeezy.

Yeezy Mafia, some not very official media source, posted one photo of the hottest creation of Kanye West’s fashion line: white slip-on shoes with holes. Prototype for children was recently published on Instagram, worn by the rapper’s daughter.

Social media seethed with thoughts after that photo, sometimes being not very chuffed.

The least comparisons were with plastic colander and shoes for wearing in the hospital. And, yeah, the biggest number of similes was with Crocs, very popular foam sabot.

After releasing the info about gobsmacking fashion novelty, called the Yeezy Foam Runner, the internet was overwhelmed with witty jokes about new shoes. Nevertheless, “the internet” was confused, how much that dodgy fashion handiwork might cost, coz sometimes Yeezys prices exceeded $ 1,000 for the pair.

Such an ambiguous reception of new fashion stuff may become a challenge for Kanye West. Despite the adverse feedback, analysts say, it does not mean that it won’t have sales.

If to turn back in 2017, when the first Yeezy shoes appeared on the market, all headlines claimed, that “crap” would not fit anyone. However, collaboration with such a sportswear giant as Adidas was smashing, making Yeezy the fucking bestseller. Moreover, celebrity promotion helped them to become the “Shoe of the Year”.  

The New York Times reported, that Kanye West gets up to 5% payment of a royalty from Yeezy brand sales of trendy items. Famous rapper should be full of beans, expecting a $1.3 billion gain on sale in the nearest future. Moreover, partnership with Kanye West added to the image of Adidas some cultural challenge.

Kanye West is one of the sales reps for the brand, making the situation sometimes fucking rough. Once upon a time, after a question about the number of shoe prototypes, asked by the Forbes reporter, the singer seemed stroppy. He said, that Love can’t be calculated. A year ago, fans of the rapper had problems with selling their shoes after some cuddly remarks of Mr. West about Donald Trump.

According to Adidas, in collaboration with Kanye West, they are going to flog new shoes in small quantities and with high prices. Coz that’s the way they do business.

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