TWIFT | Raw | How much for that virginity, darling?

How much for that virginity, darling?

The day when escort girls understood they missed the best investment chance ever. Ukrainian girl sold her virginity for 1,2 million euros to a 58 y.o. A businessman from Munich. The proud owner of Katerina’s virginity owns a network of fitness clubs in Europe. 

virgin katya

The model says that in one moment she wasn’t sure about selling her virginity because this was a tough decision to be made. But apparently the sum of  1.2 million made the deal.

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Finger Willy comments: What the fuck is going on with this world? I mean, this is just another proof of the idiocratic tendency that this world is facing right now. Selling their virginity for money? What the fuck are those old fags gonna do with these bitches, once their virginity will (well, let’s say) “expire”? Will tell them to GTFO? And then buy another hooker? Fuck, this is so fucking stupid!

Katerina, who lives in the United States, announced earlier in December her desire to sell her virginity for at least 100,000 euros. In her description, the girl tells she is speaking English, Ukrainian, and a little Russian. She plans to spend the money on traveling and living a luxurious life.

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The sugar daddy is willing to marry the young model and support her financially in the future giving her 10k €every month. 

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Just a friendly reminder that this isn’t the first time someone sells her virginity. At the beginning of February 2019, an Azerbaijan model sold her virginity for fucking 2,6 million. True businesswoman.

azerbaijan model

How do they do that? Easy, there is a site Cinderella Escorts where auctions are held. The site not only helps future households in selling their hymen but also gets a profit of fucking 20% from the selling sum. Best startup ever. Find a need and fill it. 

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