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Top 7 Tinder Tips for Guys

OK, twifters, here is a list of useful Tinder tips for men given by a girl that can really help!

Sometimes using Tinder may seem like a dumb and monotonous activity, when you continue swiping hundreds, thousands of different faces, but no real connections are happening. If you are a guy who is not very lucky at Tinder, then this is a sign that you need to rebuild your tinder strategy and try some new tactics. Here is how to be successful on Tinder.

tinder tips for men

It’s quite easy to turn your pointless swipes into real dates by simply paying a little more attention to details. If you are still worried that you are not getting any matches, thinking about how to do well on Tinder, there are things you can do to help yourself. And if you do not receive replies to messages, you can make small changes to make the girl communicate as soon as possible.

So, here is a Tinder guide for you guys:

1. Take a selfie, where girls can actually see your face

Girls who use selfies on their dating profile get excellent results, but men, well, not even close. Since the initial connection is based on your Tinder profile photo, you need a good photo of your face, but not in a group photo, they are really confusing, a girl might ignore such a photo, instead of taking the time to figure out which one of these dudes is you. Therefore, it is crucial to get a good photo.

2. Choose some really dope-ass photos

Too many dudes got pics of their cars, or bikes, whatever. And they tend to get them all on their Tinder profile. But it’s a no-no for good Tinder strategy, there is no need to post them all, post a few just to make a first impression. Your profile should be about you, not just your car. A girl wants to know what kind of person you are, not just what you drive. This also applies to your hobbies, a photo from your fishing or posing with a weapon (which can easily be taken the wrong way). Not a lot of girls might share the same hobbies, and you are trying to impress a girl, not a dude, right?

tinder tips for men

3. Do tell about yourself

A bio with “just ask” does not give us much incentive to go for it. You can be good-looking, but the appearance is not the only thing. There should be something that we can read about you trying to get the whole picture. Do not push too hard inventing a biography — it doesn’t have to be a novel about your life, but you must give us a desire to know more about you. Describe your favorite activities, the perfect date, or what you love the most.

4. A positive approach is a key

An informal survey among females raised the most aggravating problem we face when looking at the guys from Tinder. There is a certain kind of bio containing a list of things that a dude DOES NOT want in a woman. Such a negative approach is not a good tip for Tinder. More like how NOT to be successful on Tinder. Perhaps you had bad relationships before, and you think that taking the initiative and protecting yourself is the way to go. But when you put us something like “I’m not here to write novels” or “Don’t be a drama queen” we will think of you as of a picky guy with a negative attitude.

tinder tips for men

5. Being polite is a good thing

Yes, as simple as that. There is a big lack of politeness in Tinder. Do not ask if we are DTF straight away. Tinder is not just for finding the date that you will fuck tonight, it has evolved into a sophisticated dating platform. If you are into one night stand, I’m sure you can easily find someone, who’s up for some casual sex. But you still need to start the conversation with some basic decency. Show yourself from a good side.

6. Try at least a bit

This one is in the list of tips for using tinder for a reason! Texting just “hey” or “hola” is not that interesting. Just check the girl’s profile before sending your first message and make it more personalized. Comment on our crazies pics or ask about something in our profile. If it’s too hard for you, you can just come up with something like: What is your favorite movie? Trying a little can go a long way.

7. Simply have fun

Probably, one of the most important Tinder tips for men. Not just for men. For anyone. Taking Tinder experience too seriously can ruin it for everyone involved. It doesn’t matter whether you are here for some casual sex and nothing serious, or looking for relationships, treat us well and believe that kindness will make you exactly the guy we are looking for. Go with good intentions, have fun, be yourself and you will be lucky on Tinder

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