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In case if you didn’t know, anarchists in the USA occupied the downtown of Seattle and created the Seattle Autonomous Zone “People’s Republic of Capitol”.

Raz Simone Seattle

In short, they’ve created their own quasi-state, with blackjack and … well, you know.

The Head of this whole thing is the rapper by the name SoundCloud.

And here are some news about how they are trying to recreate the structure of the authorities, while they started with the Advisory Council.

Raz Simone Seattle

The Seattle commune has only one benefit. You can clearly see what kind of society the founders of CHAZ are going to build. You can see it on Reddit. That’s where they publish news and announcements. All of them are real. Everything you read below is absolutely legit.

The head of the commune, Raz Simon, is beating people from time to time. Moreover, the Communards say that he is not the Head, and does not beat people, and if he does, he already made peace with, which means nobody gives a fuck anymore.

In any case, some of the communal authorities were tired of hearing the sweeping accusations of the imperialists spreading confusion in the commune, and they decided to create a democratically elected council that would resolve conflicts and make decisions on current problems, that is, be something between parliament court.

As stated in the publication, at first the council will be only an advisory body, and its decisions will be non-binding. Who then will decide if, according to them, they do not have a leader, it is unclear, but wait till you see what’s coming next.

According to the initial proposal, the council should have had three seats, for a black man, a black woman, and a white woman. People were raging in the comments about the fact that there are no others, so they decided to add one black transgender, one black non-binary, and get rid of the white woman.

After that, they decided to add one Asian, Native and Latin non-binary, or a woman. To balance this, they decided to add four more black men and women, because blacks are the most oppressed group, and there should be more of them all.

Then came more fun changes. For greater representation, at least 20% of deputies will have to have experience of mental illness and 10% – to be homeless.

Then they noticed that there were only few gay people, and after the debate they agreed to add one black gay, a lesbian, a trans woman with a disability, a homeless person, and one non-white child of 8-15 years old. Then they gave a second though and decided to add two children, and the rest of the council members to conduct training in civilized disputes with children.

Next, someone said that Asians are not a monolithic group. Therefore, one place of a non-male Asian was divided into 12 MINI-PLACES, which will be occupied by a Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian, Taiwanese, Malay, Mongol, Okinawan, Singaporean, and one more place on any Asian other than American Koreans. Apparently, rooftop Koreans offended one of the organizers. All these 12 mini-places will have to decide the voice of one Asian place.

And, in order to completely improve everything, the representation of criminals was necessary. At least 25% of board members will be OBLIGED to have past violent crimes and experience in prison.

The organizers were told that one of these criminals might turn out to be a rapist, and women on the council might not be particularly comfortable with them. But the organizers reassured everyone by introducing the rule that at least 50% of council members should not have committed rape or harassment in the last year, with the exception of disabled and homeless council members who could be rapists this year, regardless of the percentage.

Who knows what will be next. Maybe lizardmen should also have their representatives in the council?

Unfortunately, this thread was deleted. But, hey, let’s all help these guys to create the most diversified community ever. Dump your ideas in comments

finger willy

Ok, if this one was not just a funny prank, but a serious shit, how would YOU react?

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