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Top 10 Scamming Countries In The World

Have you ever been robbed or scammed? Well, if not, then you are extremely lucky! In the era of the Internet, one person doesn’t need to break into a building with a crowd of armed robbers to rob a bank. You need just to sit at home and have some hacking skills. Although protection against such interventions is also improving every day, people can always find loopholes.

Some people still prefer “good old fraud.” This is especially dangerous for tourists who don’t always know and understand the customs and laws of the states. We’ll talk about the top 10 scamming countries.

1. Romania

top 10 scamming countries

After the collapse of the USSR, Romania, like many other CIS countries, was mired in corruption and penury. Many successful scam hackers came from Romania. In the United States, there have been many cases of arrests of natives of this particular country for fraud.

Mostly, they “work” on the Internet. They sell non-existent goods, trick gullible people on the Internet, and engage in phishing (fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication).

2. The Philippines

top 10 scamming countries

Filipinos went even further. They use cunning schemes for naive tourists. They pretend to be acquaintances, or that you simply remind them of one of their friends and therefore decide to help you. They show the sights and famous places in the city and eventually lead you to the place where you are robbed. Since they are also allegedly “robbed”, then there are no suspicions, it’s just an accident. Driver fraud is also commonplace. Taxi drivers change prices during the road and when you arrive, they take 10 times more money than they should.

3. South Africa

top 10 scamming countries

This is a poor country, which seems to have few problems, and of course, it’s one of the top 10 scamming countries in the world. In 2015, the largest number of online frauds was connected with the citizens of this country. Most of the people from South Africa were subjected to phishing, non-existent banking websites, false notifications, etc. Most of these cases were in Gauteng province.

4. Venezuela

top 10 scamming countries

Scam countries have experienced many troubles. Imagine an entire country going bankrupt. The bankruptcy led citizens into despair. And when you have no work, the country’s economy falls, and even the shelves of stores are empty, what should you do? Many people begin to steal, come up with fraudulent schemes, try to “make money” through the Internet, and so on. For them, this is the only choice. This led to the fact that massive cases of scamming ranging from online dating to fake government bonds took place in the country.

5. Indonesia

top 10 scamming countries

Here the scammers got down to “business” with creativity. They installed extraneous software in bank machines, with the help of which they could learn all the information about users and subsequently steal their money, and sometimes even blackmail them.

6. Pakistan

top 10 scamming countries

Did you know that Pakistan has the most corrupt police force? Scammers know that and take advantage. Exactly, for this reason, there are many ways of cyber fraud. It is best to steal on the Internet. It’s hard to find you, you practically leave no traces, and you can steal as much money or personal information as you like.

In Pakistan, which is one of the top 10 scamming countries, they especially like to pretend as military members and register on dating sites. Then they start a relationship and subsequently blackmail other people with the help of photographs.

Also, during a relationship, they can install a special virus on your computer that downloads all available information that can be used against you.

They also pretend to be soldiers and ask for help to send them money.

7. Brazil

top 10 scamming countries

There are many “beautiful ladies” that are hunted by fraud; pickpockets go everywhere, especially at huge fairs, festivals, and other events with a large number of people. Kidnaping is especially common. Fraudsters most often abduct children near foreign currency exchange banks.

8. China

top 10 scamming countries

There are many scam countries, but have you ever thought that China is one of them? It is the country with the largest population on the planet, one of the world’s “giants” and the owner of a huge number of advanced technologies. But this doesn’t even allow them to get rid of an enormous number of scammers. On the contrary, there are more of them than in most other countries. They have very strict rules in colleges, so there are scammers who write to parents and offer their children to go to a prestigious college with poor grades for a large sum of money. There is also a type of fraud when you are offered to be tested in a hospital, as it is necessary for your health. As a result, you believe your “doctor” and do many unnecessary expensive tests.

And one of my favorites is “Husband’s Mistress”. Messages are sent to you, saying that this is your husband’s mistress. Then they send a file with a photo on which she allegedly poses with your husband. You open the file, and a virus is installed on your phone, which downloads and sends to the scammers all the information, passwords, etc.

9. India

top 10 scamming countries

India is another huge scam country with problems like everyone else. It is almost impossible for a tourist to visit this country and not become a victim of scammers. Taxi drivers, again, they can pretend they don’t know the way to your hotel (where you have your reservation), and take you to another, which is much more expensive. There are also frauds with Gemstones when you are asked to transport stones to your country and sell it to “their man” for a huge amount of money. Of course, stones are a simple trinket.

10. Nigeria

top 10 scamming countries

And here is the crown of this list, Nigeria, the most scamming country in the world. Learn a pretty stupid but very effective way to “make money”. You receive a letter in the mail or on social networks where you are told a non-existent story about the big sum of money that will be so easy for you to receive. The fact is that there is a lot of cash which due to the stupid laws of this country cannot be obtained from the central bank, and now you are caught. What a piece of luck! All you need to do is send your bank details and you will get a big profit for this insignificant help. Simple as hell!

In order not to be a victim of fraud, first check out similar articles for the scam countries you are traveling to and be prepared to be deceived. So, travel with pleasure! 🙂

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