TWIFT | Raw | US tourist faints after seeing toilets for only two genders

US tourist faints after seeing toilets for only two genders

The story takes place in Russia, that’s actually already quite amusing. So, get the picture right. In the Russian airport Sheremetyevo arrives Andrea Hernández, she is 22 and studies fucking feminology at the University of Louisiana. You could ask “is that even a word?” and yes, it is.

This trip was her first visit to another country and her expectations were obviously way too high. At the airport, she had the urge to visit the shitting lounge. There was the place of her most shocking experience ever. Are you ready? In the country where being gay is illegal, the toilets….they were only for TWO genders!! Can you fucking imagine such discrimination of the other 50 genders that have been “scientifically established”…

However, Andrea was so butt-hurt that she called the airport employees and started shouting at them various things, like for example, that they are fascists. Apparently, on the feminology course, everybody who doesn’t make 50 toilets for all the “existing” genders is considered a fascist. Makes sense, right? But, she was more than serious. Moreover the young ordered them to immediately call the head of Sheremetyevo Airport, threatening otherwise to appeal to the American court and to the Government of the United States. Imagine what a case would it be, though.


After the airport workers told her in a peaceful way to fuck off, she started throwing herself at the attendants and even scratched the nose of some poor-one-gender Russian lady. Police officers were the ones to cancel the scene. One of the officers told Hernández, that there were only two genders and after learning this she fainted.

We don’t know why exactly she lost her consciousness. Either she is really too sensitive (and fucking dumb), either her body just couldn’t cope with all the physical movements and way like “fuck it, I’m out, gonna turn this bitch off”.

The saddest part isn’t that there are so many stupid people around. The real thing is that because of such people feminism is seen as something irritatingly pointless and we forget the bigger picture, wherein the 21st century there are still many countries that mistreat women. Not meaning the 7% difference in the salary, but the killing and the young marriages. So get your fucking brains together and don’t be like Andrea Hernández. Peace out.

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