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Scarlet Witch Costume Mystery & More: WandaVision Surprises with New Posters

There is very little left before the premiere of the American series WandaVision for Disney +, and now the authors of the project have published the long-awaited posters. Thanks to them, fans of the Marvel TV series will be able to learn more about the new roles of the fascinating superheroes Monica Rambeau, the heroine of the film “Captain Marvel” and Scarlett Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen.

On 4 posters, the authors posted various scenes from the series itself. It turned out very intriguing. The series promises to span decades and immerse the viewer on a real journey. The very concept of promotional materials includes images of the main characters in various moments, where you can see their style, clothes, and the image itself. Heroes are behind old TVs. And this is not at all a hindrance to study their image in detail since parts of the costumes are visible on the screens.


One of the most avid fans has already put together a collage of all the posters, thus bringing together the details of the Scarlet Witch costume. On them, the image of Wanda Maximoff acquires new colors, completely different from her previous roles. Also, the new style has nothing to do with Halloween, in which the actress was seen in trailers. This is something innovative and interesting. However, the main intrigue continues to heat up. What exactly Marvel will show us is anyone’s guess.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the general crisis around the world, Marvel Studios films have not been filmed for almost a year. That is why 2021 will be the year of the release of highly anticipated films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To the delight of fans, it was WandaVision that turned out to be the debut project of the MCU Disney +.

The show will be a continuation of the events of the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) and will unfold in the MCU. The main characters will be played by Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen. In this film, the actors are tasked with repeating the images of superheroes, which are played in the old films, but with new intricacies of the plot.

So after all the turbulent events in The Avengers, superheroes in the plot suddenly want to change their way of life. And they will move to a quiet, calm city to start their new balanced and unremarkable family life.

Only one question is left: how long will it be?

The whole plot remains a mystery.


And Vision himself turns out to be resurrected according to the plot. Since he was dead in The Avengers.

Besides, this time Wanda and Vision will be not just side players, but the leading characters of the show. The mini-series will open the fourth phase of the MCU.

The project was conceived back in 2018, then a concept was developed from several mini-paintings with the Scarlet Witch and Vision. And already in November 2019, the developers started filming in Atlanta. But after the announcement of a global pandemic in March 2020, the project had to be frozen. And only after 4 months in Los Angeles, the film staff returned to work.

Even though the first pictures of the American show appeared on the network a year ago, there was a lull after that. And only a few weeks ago, the marketing campaign resumed with renewed vigor. Following the release of the flamboyant trailer, Marvel began rolling out daily TV spots with the upcoming premiere of WandaVision. And although the picture has already been filmed, the creators were able to keep the secret and the main idea of ​​the mini-series. However, some information about the heroes still surfaced.

This is especially true for the excellent superheroine Scarlett Witch, who will most likely appear completely renewed before the audience.

Moreover, we can already find confirmation of Kevin Feige’s words that the new production from Disney will be a real breakthrough in the world of Marvel, which the audience has not yet seen.

It is worth noting that in the new photos presented by the authors of Marvel, along with the main character Elizabeth Olsen, you can see Katherine Khan. If anyone does not remember, the Marvel authors described her as “a mischievous and curious neighbor.” Besides, it was Han as Agnes who received a separate poster for the WandaVision advertising campaign. We can assume that the superheroine will most likely be associated with the magical world of the MCU, and we will learn more about her many superpowers. Therefore, there is every chance Katherine will play the mentor of the Scarlet Witch.

Furthermore, Monica Rambeau will appear on the screen, played by American actress Tejona Parris. Previously, the actress starred in the movie Captain Marvel. Then she could be seen as a little girl whose mother was Carol Danvers’ best friend. After that, she was lucky enough to get a pseudonym and become a new superheroine. She can be recognized by the name Spectrum.


For now, designers simply continue to tease the audience with individual shots, stirring up more and more interest in them. But fans, who have already got a basic idea of ​​the costume with the help of Wanda Maximoff’s beautiful poster, do not fully know all of its attributes. For example, they also worry about the headdress that is part of the Halloween costume. But whether this image will be used everywhere is not yet known.

Also, Monica Rambo became the center of genuine interest. Fans are still wondering about her impact on history. After all, she performs in completely different periods. For example, on posters, the heroine is shown in the black and white style of the 50s. But in short videos for the television series, she can be seen along with Vision and Wanda, who were in the era of the 70s, and possibly the 80s. This whole story through the eras is very tempting, and it is not yet fully understood how long Rambo will be moving from the 50s to the 80s.

In addition to WandaVision, Marvel has developed several more series since 2018. They will also be dedicated to the heroes of the Marvel films. Each of these projects will include approximately 6-8 episodes. At the same time, the money allocated as the budget will be equal to the standard full-length motion pictures.

But WandaVision consists of as many as 9 episodes. They spent $25 million on each. According to the producer of the company, this picture will be partly a sitcom, and partly a blockbuster in the style of Marvel. The novelty should appear on the screens already on January 15, 2021.

It was directed by Matt Sheckman in August, and Jacques Schaeffer was appointed writer and producer in January 2019.

At the same time, one of the main characters Paul Bettany, who played in the Vision project, was announced as a participant in the film only in October.

Thanks to an interview conducted by Entertainment Weekly, the actors played some of the series in front of the audience. This was done on purpose to create a sense of situational comedy.

The creators recruited people who watched the superheroes perform live. The artists themselves shared that to feel the realism of the tape, they rehearsed their roles as if they were playing on the theatre stage, and in response, they heard laughter and applause. Quite a non-standard practice for film actors. And even though the first act became a challenge for the actors, probably more terrible than the villains of Marvel, on the second they already melted from the audience’s laughter and the friendly atmosphere.

The actors even joked that they regretted not making a career at sitcoms. For example, Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch on the TV series, shared that she seemed to have returned to her story with memories.

“It’s full of action. I feel quite unusual, it feels like I caught a flashback. After all, as a child, I came to watch the show “Full House”, which played my sisters, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.”

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Note that this shooting format lasted only a few episodes, but the actors liked it so much that they no longer wanted to return to their usual mode. So the performer of the role of Vision, British actor Paul Bettany, got so much pleasure from the situational comedy format that he is thinking about different possibilities of its continuation:

“Let’s arrange some new project, for example, send the WandaVision team to the play.”

Also from the same weekly edition, some spoilers became known, which we will share with you. Quite informative photos were published, by which one can judge the course of the storyline. For example, Wanda Maximoff will unexpectedly be pregnant. The photo shows the slightly frightened faces of Vision and Wanda Maximoff. The pregnancy came suddenly. Since Wanda’s belly is already quite large and noticeable. The photographs also prove that the couple still feels happy enough. And the change of eras doesn’t upset them. Time travel seems to be very close to them. Moreover, Agnes also appeared in the photo, this is the same malevolent neighbor played by Katherine Hahn.

In addition to all this, the television series WandaVision will finally reveal the secret of the mutants of the X-Men. In case anyone doesn’t know, the X-Men are considered part of all Marvel comics. However, in more than 20 films and shows, there seems to be no trace left of them. These characters do not even flicker in any of the paintings.

And the answer is that the relationship between 20th Century Fox and Marvel has left much to be desired over the years. For a long time, it was Fox who had the rights to film mutant films. And after Marvel announced in 2001 the film Mutant X, which also mentioned mutants, despite a completely different plot, 20th Century Fox filed a lawsuit against the alleged violators.

But recently everything has changed. Since the streaming service Disney + bought the rights to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Now Marvel again can introduce mutants into their movie series.

In addition, the company has announced ambitious plans and reshuffles. This is how top director John Watts will reanimate the Fantastic Four. This also applies to Deadpool, who was previously ruled by Fox.

But the problem is that the company now needs a creative concept that can bring the X-Men back into the picture. This is not so easy, because the previous several dozen movies were without them. And they hardly plan to shoot a separate film about mutants, since it is large and complex.

Now all hope is for WandaVision. It will probably show and explain exactly what happened to the X-Men and why viewers haven’t seen them on their screens for so long.

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