TWIFT | Esport | Streamer Stripped on Twitch Instead of OnlyFans

Streamer Stripped on Twitch Instead of OnlyFans

The streamer MissBehavin completely stripped down during the broadcast on Twitch. As the girl later explained, she wanted to record an erotic video for sale through the OnlyFans service, but accidentally went live.

The erotic broadcast of the girl lasted about eight minutes. Apparently, in the end, she was informed that she was live on Twitch, after which she quickly left the frame and turned off the computer. Because of this incident, her channel was blocked for three days, but the platform did not disconnect the streamer from the affiliate program.


The American has a profile on both Twitch and OnlyFans. The girl held a depraved live broadcast on Twitch, during which she showed viewers her vagina. According to MissBehavin, she confused the platforms, believing that she was filming for the site OnlyFans, whose users pay money to follow girls who post their candid photos and videos.

This content is prohibited on Twitch, so MissBehavin was banned for three days. The ban may be extended.


Some suspect that the girl specially held a lecherous broadcast to attract additional attention and new subscribers. MissBehavin denies this.

“I sell these videos for money. So why the fuck should I show this for free? Now I am really very upset and angry,” wrote the American, responding to one of her followers on Twitter.

MissBehavin is quite active on Instagram, where she often shares spicy photos with subscribers.

Some social media users thought MissBehavin bared herself on Twitch deliberately to attract more viewers. Many also indicated that the blocking period was too short ‒ during the broadcast, the girl was not only in her underwear but also openly showed her genitals.

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MissBehavin herself is not embarrassed by this situation. Rather, she was annoyed by the fact that the stream held interfered with her earnings. You can even suspect that in negotiations with Twitch administrators, the girl used her explicit videos to obtain amnesty for violating the rules of the site.


A similar situation, but with a slightly different outcome, occurred at the end of April this year. A girl with the nickname Alinity, during her stream, tried to shove a pillow under her shirt and accidentally exposed her breasts. For this, her channel was blocked. And how many situations of this kind were not reported?

The attitude of the site administration to streamers leaves much to be desired since such inequality is simply not fair.

Twitch has previously updated the platform’s inappropriate conduct policy. Erotic content was formerly banned on the site, and since January 22, obsessive comments of a sexual nature, as well as expressions of virgin, simp, and incel, will be added to the list of restrictions.

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