TWIFT | Lifestyle | She’s too over-nice for this bloody Tinder? You wish!

She’s too over-nice for this bloody Tinder? You wish!

One of Insta-chicks suddenly screamed out bloody murder when Tinder banned her for catfishing. Luna Benna claims that the reason for the ban is her being waaaaay too hot. The last time we checked being hot required a pretty face, slender waist, big boobs, and nice butt. Check out the photos: the girl is as sylph as a wooden stick and covered with tattoos like some drunken sailor. Such a statement from a girl who can be considered only pretty at the very best is kinda lame. But apparently, there’s no such thing as being over self-confident in that big illusion called social nets. You can put a gazillion filters on your photo and create a Monica Belucci (or a Monica Geller) of a mud duck.

Anyway, Luna Benna (it would be interesting to know whether the name is fake or not) says she posted breath-taking photos in her Instagram profile and these pictures inspired bad guys to steal them not to consult dr. John Jerkoff but to create dozens of fake profiles of miss little princess. Tinder and Instagram got lots of claims and banned all the profiles just in case.

The chick says that back then in 2017 she was dumb and looking for a relationship. Well, three years later nothing changed — she is still dumb. She says she joined Tinder to find the love of her life (or more likely a one night stand), but come on, let’s be realistic here! A chick started surfing Tinder in 2017. No descent guys within 3 years? Really? Like REALLY? Looks like she is just one big attention whore. 

Write your fu**ing article right now!

Wait, there’s more! Now she says she found her perfect match right before the ban. And now she makes that poor guy create content for freshly created Insta-profile. Benna states that she knew the guy in real life before seeing him on Tinder. There’s a chance she just asked some random guy to pretend they are having a special bonding to calm things down a bit. But the situation still looks like she was banned for actually catfishing through her “career” on Instagram. 

Be attentive guys! When you have first dates with a chick you picked up somewhere on the net, you should prepare yourselves for the huge difference between the photo and the real girl. There are no magic filters in real life. Too bad for Luna Benna and others who claim to be social media influencers.

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