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Smokers in Danger: Are You Ready to Love Your Vape to Death?

Do you smoke vape? Do you realize it’s dangerous? The burning news is that the New York city council has voted for banning electronic cigarettes. This was done to protect youngsters from the harm vapes cause to their health. Since the popularity of smoking devices has grown recently, the public attention glued to abnormal deaths of US residents caused by vaping.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30 people have died from smoking electronic cigarettes across the country: they were from 17 to 75 years old.

However, because more than 3 million US students in high schools smoke e-cigarettes (and this is the number only for students – without adults), 30 people across the country are not a dramatic indicator, right?


What Health Agencies Say

Not only politicians take action to save people from ruinous habits. Two top US health agencies issues announcements simultaneously, which was a surprise of all vapers.

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked people to be careful with e-cigarettes and urged smokers to refuse using these devices.
  2. The US Food and Drug Administration was the second federal organization to warn people about the danger of using vaping devices. They also asked people not to modify their devices and flavored substances or buy such things ‘off the street’, as this is dangerous and might cause horrible consequences.

And they are not alone in this ‘vaping battle’ – newspapers and magazines are drowning in warning messages and articles covering all possible health effects of vaping.

Except death mentioned above, US doctors from 21 states noted 1300 lung illnesses caused by vaping. 

The weirdest and fucking horrible thing is that no one knows why people continue dying from that! Experts still haven’t fully researched vaping and its influence on people’s health, but they are not in the dark about that as we live in the 21st century, not 15th, thank God! 

What Is Vaping and Its Dangers?

Just in case you live in the cave and don’t know what it is and how it works. 

Attention! We explain that FYI, not for advertising, and we don’t urge our readers to go out right after reading this article and get a vaping device. On the contrary, think about what you smoke twice.


A ‘vape’ means ‘vaporizer’ – a device that can heat special nicotine-containing aerosols so they can be smoked. Electronic cigarettes pretended to be a great alternative to common cigarettes. They don’t stink and everyone thought this is a more healthy option. Next, people decided to show everyone their creativity and smoke not only tobacco via these devices but also marijuana.

Why are e-cigarettes dangerous for health?

  1. Cancer genes. A cardiologist from Cleveland Clinic – Tamanna Singh – states that vaping solutions include harmful particles that can cause cancer.
  2. Nicotine. There are special nicotine-free solutions, but the majority of substances contain this element. This is pleasant for people with smoking addiction, as it helps the human brain release dopamine.
  3. Technical issues. There were cases when devices exploded causing severe damage to smokers. If you are not afraid of the first two points, this one should terrify every smoker. 

Is Vaping a Dangerous Marketing Product?

The first thing which comes to mind when speaking about vaping is marketing. Companies position their ‘innovative’ solutions like a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes made from tobacco. By the way, we can’t be sure that all of them are made from natural tobacco and not of some counterfeit shit.

Not so long ago, American vaping brand Juul was warned by the FDA – they positioned their product as a healthy alternative for cigarettes without any tests and approvals!

Another problem is that vaping solutions pretended to help smokers quit their bad habits. However, we can now see that vaping is as addicting as usual smoking – people can vape for months and years. Maybe they won’t be seduced by tobacco, but when it comes to pleasantly flavored mixtures. 

If we address bold facts, we’ll see that cigarettes kill around 480K people annually, while vaping caused the death of only 30 persons. So what? Does ‘less dangerous’ mean ‘healthy’? It’s doubtful. The best way to quit smoking is never starting that.

More About The ‘Vaping Illness’

The WSJ (Wall Street Journal) states that the crisis starter this summer when six young patients complained about problems with their health. There wasn’t a sign of infection but was one common trait – all of them were vapers. This was the starting point for inspections and investigations of US vaping manufacturers with law and media involved. The illness related to vaping is now officially called EVALI – ‘an e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury’.

The symptoms are chest pain, cough, and shortness of breath. Some patients have other complaints: vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, chills, and even fever.


These dramatic vaping consequences are witnessed all over the US and journalists of leading media are constantly conduct investigations. There are more than hundreds of cases of this unexplained illness across the country. The scale of the tragedy is exponentially growing every month.

Noteworthy, 573 persons suffering from EVALI confessed they used THC at some point before getting to the hospital. Almost one-third of them used ONLY THC-containing mixtures. So, we can conclude that not all vaping substances are so much harmful. All in all, the majority of patients say they used THC. But doctors are not so happy with final judgments, as the cause is still unknown and needs to be researched. There is no 100% guarantee that you won’t die if you vape an ordinary substance without extras. As with any smoking addiction, vaping can be harmful to your respiratory system as well. Short-time effects are dreadful but in the long run, every vaper will also regret their decision to have a good time when smoking this shit. 

If that’s not enough and you’re going to grab a vape and take a puff, you might decide to stop. The process damages the human cardiovascular system and the heart in particular. This happens due to nicotine contained in vaping liquids. So, you might die not in 90 days like those who use THC liquids but in 50 years, when you will be full of energy and might even forget you’ve been vaping in your 30 years.

To draw conclusions, we’d like to remind you that doctors believe that the molecules enter the lungs when inhaling a vape, but they have not yet figured out which substances are hazardous to health. Neither the Food and Drug Administration nor the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could find a single source of problems that would be present in all cases. So, be careful and don’t play with death! This is a really dangerous shit! 

So, do you want to take a puff now? We’re not sure if that’s worth it. If you want to feel the release of dopamine, go to your girlfriend and have sex with her right now! 

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