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Testicles in Soy Sauce – Another WTF Hobby or…?

You’ve read that right! Testicles in Soy Sauce! After all the crazy challenges of the past here come…. THIS? All thanks to Tik Tok. Actually, they do it to check whether their balls can detect the salt in the sauce, and after that, they share their home video with others on social, in Tik Tok, which has already become home for some weird shit. So, would you put your balls on it the daily testicle? Let’s find out more details about that. 

A Bit of History

Years ago, Bedrich Mosinger and his colleagues-scientists from the Philadelphia Monell Senses Center published a study on the involvement of taste receptors infertility for men. In 2020, after 7 years passed, their scientific research has become a global Tik Tok trend. So, that is how the world came to this strange point.

Those who put balls on it the daily testicle make sure that this part of the human body does have taste receptors!

Various sources state that a Tik Tok fan named Regan shared this fact with the publicity. She encouraged male users to ‘dip their balls in something’, as she wanted to know whether the scientific fact discovered by Philadelphia researchers really works. Since then, the keyword ‘put your balls on it the daily testicle’ started getting popular in Google Trends and search results.

Still, the fact is that testicles are lacking centers of receptor cells called taste buds. And the media are stating different points, which were like this at the beginning of this weird research:

Male sterility can be caused by the genetic loss of blockade of taste genes caused by the pharmacy (drugs treatment or so).

tiktok soy sauce challenge

Later, there was one more press release saying that the inactivation of genes responsible for taste detection can cause sterility.

tiktok soy sauce challenge

Next, Daily Mail published an article about taste buds in male testicles, which can detect flavors, in particular, sweet ones. Moreover, they are sure that fertility greatly depends on these flavor detectors.

tiktok soy sauce challenge

In fact, all this is really great, taking into account the interest of such headlines provoke in young people’s brains. Science is the future! Maybe those who start putting their balls into soy sauce or strawberry jelly will get interested in other biological facts. 

What Do Scientists Say?

Sure, this Tik Tok challenge couldn’t leave real experts behind. For example, Emma Beckett, an Australian food and nutrition expert, says that mouth taste buds function so that the signal from the group of cells is sent to the brain, where the taste becomes ‘fruitful’. The receptors can perceive five different basic tastes and their combinations, accordingly.

Feng Li writes in Oxford’s Molecular Human Reproduction that scientists have found such things in the brain, respiratory and digestive systems, spermatozoa and testis.

How Does It Work?

If you have already prepared a glass of soy sauce to put your balls on it the daily testicle, put it back and read the following:

The facts listed above does not mean you can TASTE things with genitals!

We didn’t suppose to spell that out, but the scale of this phenomenon is really enormous. Nearly every third man in Tik Tok tries this, OMG!!!

According to Ms. Beckett from The University of Newcastle, these are not еру taste buds that send a signal from receptors to the brain. These receptors are not intended to function like that. Why? Because evolution decided so. You know how it works — if people don’t need something to function in one way, evolution just deactivates this or changes “the preferences”. That’s why we walk straight, don’t have tails, and can’t taste with balls.

She says that these receptors CAN BE functional, but even in the case if the same taste is detected in the mouth, still, the response of various taste buds will be completely different. What you can do with this information is thinking of these special receptors like any other one in your body — they are necessary for environment monitoring, nothing more. 

The mission of Taste Receptors in Testicles

You might be surprised by the fact that despite testicle taste receptors are not intended to detect flavors, they really have a vital mission for men’s health. 

Bacteria have their taste — either bitter or sweet, it depends. So, taste buds in men’s balls help to regulate inflammatory responses and keep the body healthy. What’s more, according to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, these receptors control sperm production, which is very important for every man on Earth. That’s why YOU should keep them healthy, so please, take care of your balls, man! 😉

To sum it up, let’s end with Tik Tok’s trendy challenge with soy sauce, almost everyone who accepted Regan’s challenge said they felt something. But from the scientific perspective, they hardly could detect the taste with testicles. There are more chances they smelled it! And the last but most important point: don’t believe everything posted on socials or tabloids. Double-check every fact and you won’t need to put your balls on it the daily testicle!

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