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The best premieres from the Shanghai motor show

Firstly, let us point out that the Shanghai auto show (Auto Shanghai ‒ officially known as the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition) is a one-of-a-kind offline event and it’s also probably the biggest one since COVID-19 hit the world last year. 
Shanghai motor show

This year’s Auto Shanghai is the first international motor exhibition that’s taken place since COVID-19 interrupted our lives. Even though in Europe and the United States dealerships are pretty much non-operational, China’s most influential metropolis is hosting live premieres from leading manufacturers. Here is everything new and cool: 

Nissan X-Trail

Shanghai motor show

One of the vehicles that were introduced was a fourth generation crossover, which builds on the CMF-C bogie. It is sold globally by the Japanese company and features a two-story appearance, rocks a stylish boomerang grille, and wheel arch extensions. 

If you are in China and interested in the engine, it’s useful to know that customers on that territory are provided with a 1.5-liter gasoline class C turbocharger with an interchangeable compression ratio (and it also serves as a variator). Moreover, the regular motor is tailored to exclusively generate electricity for the battery. And there’s a bonus ‒ the wheels are moved by electric motors. 

Lexus UK 

Shanghai motor show

On the outside you wouldn’t be able to tell the new sedan from the previous one, however, their grille patterns aren’t similar. Moreover, the multimedia system can now be controlled via a touch screen and the headlights are set up with the state-of-art BladeScan AHS control system (similar to other pricier models).

The engineers who worked on the chassis also upgraded it by making it look sportier than before. The two-liter base engine rakes up the same 150hp but the device on its own is brand new and it’s also merged with a variator. 

Geely KX11

Shanghai motor show

This machine is built on the modular CMA platform and comes with a 2-liter gas turbo engine in both 218 hp and 238 hp. The engine is built with an automated seven-speed transmission or an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.  

It’s also claimed that the Geely KX11 will come with a system for choosing various driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport, Offroad, and Snow), an unmanned parking lot with 5G availability, a Bose audio system, and other functions. 

Toyota bZ4X

Shanghai motor show

Toyota bZ4X is the first model from the recently established bZ brand. From what we know so far, the Toyota electric cars will be presented under the bZ brand. If you’re wondering what this brand is, bZ is short for beyond zero. This is Toyota’s contribution to a more sustainable future, by creating zero-emission motor vehicles. There are supposed to be fifteen models in the new bZ1 line and as predicted, the first model in it is the all-wheel-drive electric crossover (which is about the same size as the Toyota RAV4). 

This motor vehicle is built up on the e-TNGA platform, which was created in a collab with Subaru for electric cars with front, rear, or all-wheel drive. bZ4X’s wheelbase is bigger than RAV4’s and therefore the new model’s interior is bigger as well. 

We’re still to find out more about the technical data of bZ4X when more information is released. Nevertheless, the interior photos present the huge screen of the infotainment system and the absence of a gear knob. 

Series production is due to start in the middle of 2022. 

Great Wall Tank 800

Shanghai motor show

The brand, which was introduced in place Nº5, emerged as part of the Great Wall of China. It ‘‘grew’’ out of the Wey Tank 300 frame SUV, which was released in 2020 and costs $27,000 at the domestic market. Nevertheless, the choice was to build the Wey brand to exclusively consist of crossovers and the hard-framed SUVs are turning into tanks.

This range’s future crown jewel is the two-tone Tank 800. Its design hints a lot to the Range Rover or Rolls-Royce Cullinan models, however, the reality is that the Great Wall Tank 800 is combined with the future Great Wall X Cannon pickup: Apart from having a frame platform, they additionally have a comparable front end of the body.  

The suspension is separate in this model too, however, there are air springs and adjustive shock absorbers with wheels around 55 cm in diameter. 

The 800 has a fancy interior with the back seats provided with an electric drive, ventilation, massage functions, and retractable footrests. Between them is a piece of the central tunnel with an installed mini fridge and a holder for wine glasses.

 Shanghai motor show

The V6 3.0 petrol engine code 6Z30 offers a combination injection, two turbochargers (on the sides of the block), and a 48-volt starter-generator. (It generates 354 hp and 500 Nm). The car’s automatic has nine speeds and holds a torque of maximum of 600 Nm.

This production model is due later in 2021, even though nothing is for sure. 

Hongqi L concept

Shanghai motor show

Hongqi is a high-end motor vehicle brand, held by the Chinese government. It released a concept named the L-concept in Shanghai. It includes a four-door fastback with a low roofline and a three-seater sedan but no steering wheel. Instead, the concept features a crystal chandelier. 

This model presents a two-tone body and a white composite roof. There is no conventional back window, but instead, we’re offered a panel in the shape of a diamond. Moreover, you can see different intricate geometric patterns on the door cards, the dashboard on the inside, and the front end’s design too.

Other interesting details about the show car are its vertical front optics, huge radiator grille with vertical slats and a thick frame, lights connected by four horizontal diode stripes, and back doors, which open against the direction of travel. 

The inside is designed with purple and white leather, wood, and polished aluminum inlays, as well as a wool carpet for the floor. 

Chinese media statements revealed that the extraordinary concept model will be up for production in 2023.  

What do you think of the new models? Do you agree that this year’s Shanghai motor exhibition had a lot to offer? 

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