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The story of a 150 kg motivation

His name is Alex and more than a year ago his weight was 150 fucking kilograms. But one day as he stood on the scales he realized that enough is enough. And that was the beginning of his new life. 

Pros and cons of being a fat ass 

There are actually quite a lot of cons because the human body isn’t designed to carry around the weight of a gorilla. The most basic are heart conditions, pain in the legs, in the back. For example, our 150 kg dude had pancreatitis, psoriasis and other health issues. 

how to loose weight story
Alex before losing weight. 150kg

But the things that bothered him the most were simple ordinary stuff. For instance, he couldn’t get out of a car without help from another person (how could he even get in the car in the first place tho??). He basically couldn’t walk, because again fucking 150 kilos (330 pounds). And the main reason for him to shape his new lifestyle was the fact that he couldn’t wear clothes he would like. 

Pros. Well, kind of… He couldn’t find any. One may say, that he should have accepted himself and his body the way it is and call it a body-positive. Well, about that – if a person is okay with his body, then it’s cool. But there are laws of physics and there is no fucking way an extra 100 kilos feels alright for the body. So mainly it’s bullshit. Sorry ladies, you’ll have to eat less after all, and yes, society is going to judge your fat asses. 

So TWIFT decided to have a nice conversation with Alex about his way of losing weight, his motivation and some advises he can give to those, who might think of losing weight and to be healthy. 

TWIFT – How did you manage to drop more than 50 kilos? 

Alex – The process was long. And it surely takes more than a day, month and sometimes even more than a year. But the results are totally worth it. 

I started with the diet I’ve come up with for my body and my needs specifically. And 85% of my success was hidden in food habits. I didn’t visit any doctors, I just got all the info from the internet. God bless YouTube. So I’ve gathered all the info like a puzzle, from different people who went through the same shit and combined it in a way that suits my system. 

My main rule is: “Don’t exclude everything from your menu, just take control over your fucking mouth”. 

how to loose weight story
Still overweighted. 140kg

Alex says that the main goal is to feel better, but when people start their diets, it’s all about self-torture and no fun at all. That’s why people get stuck in a circle of cheat meals. 

A – my secret is that I can cook fucking delicious. And any diet food can be and must be cooked deliciously. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Just make sure not to fry the food.  I had to control my daily amount of calories, and of course, in the beginning, it was hard af. But it’s much more difficult, for example, to quit smoking rather than to change the eating habits. 

T – Do you have any specific menu for each day? 

A – Nope, none. I just know what I want to eat and just cook it. 

In my plateau period (at the beginning of a diet, as the body assumes it as a stressful situation, it slows down the metabolism, because the system thinks you’re in trouble like war, or on a desert island, and for a week or more you just can’t lower your weight) I just gave my body more nutrition than needed, and hacked the system like that. The main trick is to understand that everybody has that period and it’s no excuse to give up. 

T – And what about cheatmeals? I’m sure you have those.

how to loose weight story
Proper nutrition. 100kg

A – From time to time I do have cheatmeal, but they are planned and “luxury”. For example, if I want to eat a burger, I will make sure it’s not a crappy McDonald’s one. Don’t be stingy on yourself. Treat yourself with a fucking awesome burger, with real meat. That way you’ll get what you want and it’s high-quality stuff. It’s easier to get back on track afterward.

T – Ok, got your point with cheatmeal. But what about alcohol?

A – good question. You can drink it if you want, but it’s definitely not gonna be of help to you. Alcohol is the thing that reduces the metabolic rate. And if your goal is not to lose weight, then go ahead and drink it up. 

T – And here is the question that I’m sure many people were asking you: how to start doing something to lose weight? 

A – Oh, that’s easy. For starters, just wake up an hour earlier and go for a walk. Just fucking walk, make them legs moving. In the beginning, I walked about 4 kilometers in the morning and 4 more in the evening. In time I found myself walking like 7 kilometers. It’s easy to do so. You just have to have a goal, the desired result, which will motivate you. 

T – So was it your motivation? Was it the thing that kept you going?

how to loose weight story
95kg and feeling awesome

A – Well, yeah. Another thing that just kept me going was a simple desire to wear some cool t-shirts, pants and other things that I wanted to look good on me. 

And when you start seeing positive results, you won’t need to motivate yourself all the time anymore. It will be kind of a self-evident thing for you.  

My motive is to be better for myself, to do things I want to do and to look the way I want. 

T – Your success story surely sounds like a not-so-hard-to-do thing. Anything you can tell our readers? Any bits of advice? 

A –  to all the fat people who are up for losing their weight: once you feel skinnier, you’ll never wish to go back to the fat form. Your whole life changes. It’s worth the try. If you don’t believe others, believe yourself, if you won’t like the results it’s always manageable to eat back the kilos. 

The entire world changes once you’re not a fatass anymore. 

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