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The most dangerous hiking trails in the world

Some of the most dangerous adventures, despite being essentially a simple trek, can put the traveler face to face with real dangers that can lead to death. Do you want to have an adventure that will be the most dangerous in the world? Here are five places you should know about.

Huayna Picchu, Peru, also known as Hike of Death

The ruins of Machu Picchu are one of the most remarkable places in South America. It is very easy to get to them and it’s always overcrowded. But behind the ancient city lies a much more difficult goal – the ruins of Huayna Picchu. There is a truly magnificent view of the ancient dilapidated citadel.

To get from one city to another, you will have to use a worn-out 183-meter staircase built more than 500 years ago. these steps are rotten in many places, rock falls often occur, and the stones underfoot are rather slippery and wet. Clouds and fog often obscure dangerous twists and turns over open chasms, and hikers often have to hang on to old steel cables.

Still not sure this trip is the most dangerous in the world? Add to this the fact that the path is located at an altitude of 2,720 meters above sea level. On the one hand, there is a damp stone wall, on the other, a cliff under two and a half kilometers deep. Insurance and protection are not provided. Good luck.

Boards on Mount Huashan in China

Mount Huashan in China is a sacred place for followers of Taoism. It is also one of the most popular and dangerous sights in the country. The path through Mount Huashan was built on a nearly vertical rock about 700 years ago by hermits who sought immortality deep in the mountains.

At the top of the mountain, there is a temple where you can drink tea, meditate and enjoy a breathtaking view. But to get there, you have to overcome a path 100 meters long, and all that way you have to go along boards with a total width of 30 centimeters, and at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

The route through the Dragon Mountains in South Africa

Dragon Traverse is a 65-kilometer hike through the territory of the Natal National Park and opens to the traveler some of the most beautiful alpine terrains in the world. The length of the route is 240 kilometers, and the journey takes from 10 days to two weeks.

To get to the foot of the Dragon Mountains, you will have to climb rope ladders at a sheer cliff. Then you will pass through rocky deserts, slopes overgrown with thick grasses, and harsh spurs at a height of a thousand meters. Movement here is fraught with great difficulties. No signs, no visible trails – getting lost was never easier.

Maze in Canyonlands National Park in the USA

As you can understand from the name, there are a lot of canyons in the park. And at its most distant point, they gather in a structure called a labyrinth. In order to get there, you first need to overcome the arid steep slopes of the Canyonlands, crossed by numerous cliffs and ravines.

The labyrinth is a system of narrow cracks, caves, and passages in the rocks where you can easily get lost. It is difficult to get here, so tourists stay here to explore the sights for several days.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp

To understand how diverse trekking is in Nepal, you can simply get acquainted with the proposed routes. The most popular route is the “Three Passes”, as well as the track, the final point of which is the climbers’ camp at the foot of Everest, the most dangerous mountain.

The most dangerous part of this route is the altitude. It can kill you. During the autumn season, that is, in about 2 months, dozens of people die from altitude sickness on the way to Kala Pattara. But following simple rules you will be able to go through this route alone or in the company of nice people, without getting sick, without dying, and even enjoying what you will see there.

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