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The new record from the genius of Danish music Lukas Forchhammer

Everyone knows the most popular little devil in Denmark musician Lukas Forchhammer from the Lukas Graham band. He falls in love with his awesomely cool music in his native land and abroad. Recently, the artist received a new recognition live. It’s a reward for broadcasting the song “7 Years” more than 1 billion times. 

No matter how many awards musicians have, a true fan is immensely glad to every merit for his work. Creativity is like fucking children: you take care of it, devote all yourself and won’t exchange it for anything. Lukas Forchhammer from the band Lukas Graham received another award for a new musical record.

Danish musician’s new record: God of fucking awesome hits

Hit musician Lukas Forchhammer from the band Lukas Graham set a new record. His track “7 Years” has been broadcast over 1 billion times. The song is the most popular on “Spotify”. Anyway, it can be considered the best in the Lukas Graham band. We remind you that the musical band of Danish talent is called in his honor.

The lead singer of Lukas Graham is Lukas Forchhammer, Mark Falgren is the drummer, Magnus Larsson is the bass player, Morten Ristop is the keyboardist and they write in the pop-soul genre. Their debut album was released in 2012. Even then, the guys were able to reach the first position on the Danish chart.

The second album was released three years later and made them even more popular. So, they became one of the most popular Danish musicians. In 2015, the single “7 Years” reached number two on the “Billboard 100”. On April 1, 2016, the debut album was released in the United States by “Warner Bros. Records”. This is a success and you can get a star disease, but guys behave like normal mortals.

Lukas Forchhammer 7 years

Let’s talk about the composition “7 Years”, which gave Lukas Forchhammer another recognition in his fucking cool talent. By the way, the song set a new billion record and will be demonstrated with honor in the studio where it was written. When the musician commented on this hit, he remembered a sensitive story about his childhood. It turns out that when he was seven years old, his mother insisted that the guy go chatting with children. She told him: make friends or be alone all your life. Many faced a similar situation, as evidenced by the popularity of the song. She touched hearts, touched at the same time a billion of the same sensitive hearts.

“7 Years” charmed the whole world

Already four years, “7 Years” hasn’t stepped down from the leading positions in the charts and every time even more listeners fall in love with this song. Lukas Forchhammer is already over thirty, he is not afraid, as at seven years old, to go and make friends. He is famous, rich, has an open road to all the blessings of the world. The guy has matured! The constant rotation of the song, the recognition of the audience is, of course, fucking profitably. But most of all, it’s only the musicians who will understand when your track really hits the public. Not only to fans who throw a bra in the crowd and want a child from you, but also to a thinking listener. It’s such a fan who reads your lyrics, just imagine reading words and goes to your heart. It’s fucking valuable!

With a billion plays on Spotify, the song “7 Years” set a new record as the most streaming song ever performed by a Danish band. By the way, Lukas Forchhammer heard the news while participating in a TV program. In the evening, live, you understand the unexpected thing should be at the most difficult moment. In such conditions, when you get unexpected news, you cannot play something. You just show the true face. In the case of the lead singer of Lukas Graham, an extremely sentimental person sits inside him.

Lukas Forchhammer 7 years

Not the first merit of the song

“7 Years” doesn’t bother the listener. Every year it is more confidently gets the leading positions. Maybe the composition causes addiction, probably there is cocaine in its notes? A strange phenomenon, but the track is really good. 

It’s worth noting that this song hasn’t received its first award. In September 2016, the hit took second place on the official list of US tracks “Billboards Hot 100”.

Even with more than 1 000 000 000 views, “7 Years” couldn’t get around Ed Sheeran’s hit “Shape of you.” Well, you know, if there was no one to compete with on the musical Olympus, it would be really boring. Ed a good rival. A wonderful competitor in music can only be equal to him and a worthy performer. We remind you that then the hit from Sheeran “Shape of you” took the top of the charts. The song has been played over 2.26 billion times. In short, there is room for the Lukas Graham band to grow. And this is great news, so it’s worth waiting for more awesome songs!

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