TWIFT | Football | Denmark takes home safe win over Israel

Denmark takes home safe win over Israel

Denmark’s national football team won 3-0 over Israel in the women’s European Championship qualifiers.

Denmark was in control and three points came into the account of the team. But despite the great dominance, it was only at the end of the match that the Danish women football team were allowed to put things in place against Israel, which was beaten 3-0.

Pernille Harder and her teammates waded in the chances throughout the match but ended up winning on thanks to an Israeli self-goal and two late scores by Nadia Nadim and Harder herself.

This win means that Denmark has gained two victories out of two attempts in the pursuit of European participation. First place in qualifying group B is now shared with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Italy, which also have maximum points. However, Denmark is at the top because of a better goal scorer.

Self-goals in the first half
Denmark put the Israelis under such intense pressure from the start of the match and quickly got themselves into high chances. However, it was Israel who brought the Danes ahead when Lia Barkai kicked a post from Nicoline Sørensen in her own goal.

It quickly became clear that the home team was overmatched and Denmark was heavily involved in the events. However, despite persistent dominance, the ball did not reach the goal again before the break.

The goals eventually came

That trend continued in the second half. Denmark was clearly playing a better game, but when the ball got to the finish, the game stopped, and the chances ran out. Israel lived solely on Danish errors, and although there were a few of those, the home team was never dangerous.

With ten minutes left of ordinary playing time, Denmark even got a hole in the goal picture, as Nadia Nadim just got kicked a return ball after a Sanne Troelsgaard finished in the box.

A few minutes later, Pernille Harder closed the game with her final score, and yet it ended with a comfortable victory for the Danes.

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