TWIFT | Lifestyle | The Top 10 Streamer Girls list is here.

The Top 10 Streamer Girls list is here.

We gathered your votes and summed them up. Here’s what we got

As you remember, we did a poll couple of weeks ago on who is the hottest streamer girl. And thanks to your votes we are ready to give you the Top 10 Hottest Streamer Girls. Enjoy!

1. Milagrosmcanete

The magical streamer from Argentina takes the first place in our Top 10 Streamers Girls. Don’t forget to check her Twitch

2. Bibarella_

The beautiful and cute Austrian streamer with many passions from skiing to sailing. 

3. Goldshiregloss

Marvelous jolly Dutchie living in Oslo, Norway. Maid by day, streamer by night, 24/7 nerd, obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons. Check her Twitch

4. Deernadia

Bangs have never looked better. Don’t believe us? Check Nadia’s Instagram page to know for sure. Twitch link is here

5. Thetabikatt

Tabitha has not only awesome gaming skills but also some makeup superpowers! 

Tabitha’s Twitch

6. Lilchiipmunk.s

Raised in Canada, half Romanian half Vietnamese, Carolina is the person who you wouldn’t think is a nerd. She’s been playing games her whole life. Normally sticks to few games till she finds one that really interests her. That’s a cool life motto :D. Check out her Twitch channel

7. Camycout

A hot hi from Rio. Camila is a very cute blond with a good taste in controllers.  Link to Camycout’s Twitch

8. Bravs.cosplay

A true esthetical pleasure. Bravavara is a cosplayer, artist and photographer. You can support her here 

9. Tarababcock

We couldn’t find a better description for Tara than she has in her insta: “Body of a pornstar, mind of a philosopher, soul of a bassist, and heart of a gamer.”

10. Avithall

A Dutchie that loves to game, travel, and collect Pokemon cards. Check out her Twitch

Stay tuned for more cool polls, quizzes and lists.

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