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Top 10 Beauty Rules From Hot French Models

We’ve prepared some beauty rules for you straight from the sexiest and most beautiful event ever ‒ Paris Fashion Week. French models have revealed their deep secrets to help you become perfect and sexy! Whether they are good or not it’s up to you to decide. Here we go!

French Models

You know, beautiful skin is important not only for a model’s work. Every girl and woman, even every man wants to look great. Who wants to live with a pimply and oily face? Right! Nobody. Paris Fashion Week was beautiful as always in true Parisian style. Hot French girls covered this wonderful place with a wave of angelic and at the same time daring charm, and they also revealed some beauty secrets. Want to look like the Je ne sais quoi type of French beauty? Then read on.

The Best Skincare Tips from French Models

Almost every model, especially from France, has its own version of natural skincare products. For the most part, hot French girls choose natural cosmetics that turn them into real goddesses. For example, for Aymeline Valade, lemon is the secret beauty remedy that helps to fight her problem skin. Victoria’s Secret Angel Camille Rowe is fond of the magical properties of avocado. She uses it as a secret ingredient in her hair and face mask.

Also, you shouldn’t forget about one more truth: always take off your makeup, just clean your skin before going to bed. It’s enough to wipe the skin with a special product, and then moisturize skin with a night cream. Of course, it’s better to use natural cosmetics.

Rule # 1 by Marine Deleeuw

French Models

Marine Deleeuw washes her face in the morning with ice water to maintain her skin normal. After that, she naturally uses a cream to moisturize the skin. Remember the name so you can check out this miracle cure, Caudalie’s Vinoperfect which protects the skin from the sun and contains other useful substances. After moisturizing, Marine Deleeuw uses a concealer. It helps to hide it if there is an annoying pimple. 

Rule # 2 by Camille Rowe

French Models

French model Camille Rowe considers avocado to be the most important ingredient in her natural cosmetics. She also included it in the daily menu. The model claims that she eats a lot of healthy fats, which she advises everyone to do. She puts magical avocado on her face as well as on her beautiful (thanks to avocado) hair.

Rule # 3 by Aymeline Valade

French Models

The hot French girl Aymeline Valade knows how to improve the condition of problem skin. You do not need to go to the salon for this, only to the nearest supermarket for a lemon. Acne is very annoying, literally ruining your life, it is an enemy for every person (except who doesn’t give a damn about their appearance).

The French model claims that she once had a lot of acne and tried everything to remove them. Only essential oil and lemon were her saviors! Just cleanse your skin and then rub your face with lemon. Then leave your face for 5 minutes, and then remove the leftover lemon with oil. The model also believes that your skin will never be perfect if you do not change sheets and wash clothes often. Still, cleanliness is above all.

Rule # 4 by Jeanne Damas

French Models

Jeanne Damas surprised us. We have never heard this before. Okay, there are all sorts of fruits and vegetables to mix, creating natural cosmetics, but the French model decided to make a secret ingredient. It’s lipstick. Just imagine that you need to mix the lipstick and put it with your fingers on the skin, while gently tapping to achieve a melting effect.

Rule # 5 by Clemence von Mueffling

French Models

Clemence von Mueffling also has a very strange way to make her skin perfect. She uses David Mallett Hydratation shampoo, Leonor Greyl hair mask off-label. The hot French girl takes a shower sponge and these expensive cosmetics and cleans her beautiful skin. But these magic cosmetics you can purchase only in France.

Rule # 6 by Camille Charrière

French Models

French model Camille Charrière is concerned about moisturizing the skin in winter, as it’s vulnerable at this time. She sometimes even sleeps with a mask on her hair. Also, Camille believes that her main beauty secret is that she very rarely uses makeup, and if she puts on makeup, then to a minimum.

Rule # 7 by Sabina Socol

French Models

For this hot French girl, everything is much simpler. Her advice, though short, is to the point. She recommends moisturizing the entire body. Only in this way, you will have an unreal natural beauty.

Rule # 8 by Thylane Blondeau

French Models

One of the highest-paid young French models in the world believes that sleep is the best way to beauty. It’s also important to always wash off makeup at the end of the day and moisturize your skin well. Thylane Blondeau uses only L’Oréal cosmetics and hair products. Of course, the girl is only 19 years old, and she shouldn’t have problems with her appearance, but she works a lot and must have her secrets so as not to lose her youthful beauty. The hot French girl has been working as a model since she was 12 years old, and this is still a very long time to give us tips.

Rule # 9 by Caroline de Maigret

French Models

Like many French models, the beauty Caroline de Maigret doesn’t use her cosmetics, like Thylane Blondeau. The French model faithfully recommends Lancome Nutrix moisturizing cream and La Roche-Posay lip balm. Caroline shares that these are her favorite beauty products and that she uses them frequently during her long flights.

Rule # 10 by Celine Delaugere 

French Models

The famous beauty model Celine Delaugere includes vitamin E in her basic care products. She also claims, although it should be known to everyone, that sleep, water balance, and the sun are most important for every person to maintain the beauty of the skin.

These are quite simple beauty secrets from French models and just hot beauties, that will help you become much more beautiful and self-confident.

Just remember: the skin will not maintain its beautiful appearance or will not heal from acne if you don’t work on yourself. Only shitty things are done by themselves, but we need to fight for something fucking worth. Hot French girls even shared their time at Paris Fashion Week to reveal beauty secrets to you!

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