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Top 10 Nordic Food Bloggers

Are you hungry? Well, you better eat before reading further, because you’ll get not only inspired, but we’re quite sure you’ll have multiple foodgasms, while scrolling.

We gathered for you the Top Nordric Food Bloggers, as we see them. The rating is based on the amount of posts and followers. Of course our point of view is subjective and we would very much appreciate you to add your favorite once, or maybe you are a food blogger yourself. In that case visit the Join Us section and start your creative process with us. 

Starting our gastro-insta journey from bottom to top

10. Daniel Campos Sánchez with 5,116 followers and 677 posts 

For me, he is the winner of the whole thing! Just fucking look at these photos, so colorful and vivid. Oh, and the food, this shit just has to taste like heaven!  Daniel is from Denmark and if you feel like seeing something marvelous in your insta feed, there you go: @livetoeatlovelife

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It's pasta time and my curvy belly knowz it 😍🤤🍝🐷 Sunday nights are meant to be at home with the fam, making amazing food and enjoying the simple things in life. You guys know how much I adore food, it is the highlight of my day. I don't cook at home so often, but when I do, is fucking legendary. Here's a few snaps of the amazing pasta I made for and with my beautiful friend @emeliebodilelisabet ❤📸 . Sometimes simple is best and, although this dish has a few elements that are chefy, you can totally nail it in your own home kitchen. Wild mushroom ragù, tagliatelle, parmesan chips, crispy kale, pinenuts, pickled red onion petals, herby vinegar salt and freshly chopped parsley. Life does not get much better than that 💜😍 . I will just give you some pointers for the ragù that you can apply for any sauce. Dice lots of garlic and onions, sweat gently in olive oil for 15 mins or so. Add chopped mushrooms and crank up the heat, brown carefully until the shrooms have sweated out their water completely. Add brandy or white wine and fresh herbs (terragon, sage, parsley, rosemary, thyme). Let the alcohol evaporate and cook the sauce for 45 mins minimum. Blend it and voila! Tip: use the pasta water to thin out your sauce when blending it with the pasta. This water is starchy and flavored, so you will add texture and more flavor to your sauce. I hope you make it at home my friends. Cooking is an act of love and that is something that the new generations are losing, it's so sad. Specially with this new wave of buying so much shit via take-away or ready-made frozen meals, making food at home is becoming rare. Let's stop that ya'll, FOOD IS LIFE 😍🙏🏼💜!!! . Beautiful plate by @bierbacks, check her out 😌

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9. Fab Foodie Swede with 7,320 followers 1,739 posts

A dream came true for sweeties! Beautiful combination of visual cherishing and appetite flourishing. Very nice and joyful @fabfoodieswede

8. with 7,613 followers and 3,621 posts

A combination of really good looking food and nature. Really calm and relaxing with good recipes from the Norwegian food writer and natural juice geek @larsspiser. 

7. Tove Henckel with 7,769 followers and 2,758 posts

A food journalist from Sweden, beautifully showing in her profile what a foodie would love. Here you can also find recommendations for different restaurants. @tovehenckel

6. Hᴇʟʟᴇ Øᴅᴇʀ Vᴀʟᴇʙʀᴏᴋᴋ with 9,892 followers and 5,459 posts

The foodie from Norway, with wonderful varieties of food and wine in her profile. Why can’t there be a feature that can make digital food turn into real??
See why @helleskitchen

5. Elina Innanen with 23.8k followers and  3,227 posts

The first and only vegan food blogger in our rank list. She is from Finland and has quite a combination in her profile. Much green and much healthy. Those are the words that come at you while looking at the pictures. Of course it doesn’t mean it ain’t tasty. Take a look @chocochili

4. GastromanD with 47K followers and 3,569 posts

A load of beautiful bread, that screams for some butter. @gastromanddk

3. Anders Husa with 58.7k followers and 7,805 posts

The man that travels for food! What a great way to motivate yourself for a journey! @andershusa

2. STOCKHOLMFOOD with 60.2k followers and 1,518 posts

Rebecca Brage recommendations on her favorite restaurants and cafes. If you live in Stockholm you gotta check out @stockholmfood 

1. Ida Granjansen with 146k followers and 2,393 posts

Denmark’s food lover, food blogger and food photographer. So much food in a sentence. If you want to upgrade your food photography skills check out her profile @idagranjansen.

Hope you enjoyed and got inspired! Bon Apetit 

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