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TOP 100 Funny Wi-Fi Names That Make You Smile

What is the name of your home Wi-Fi router? Your name, the title of your favorite movie, or the standard LinksysXXX? Perhaps this does not seem so important, but believe me, in many ways how we treat such little things determines our destinies and success.

This article has prepared a selection of funny Wi-Fi names. To make it easier to decide, we pitched our selection in 5 categories. In total, the article presents 100 options.

Funny, Clever, and Cool Wi-Fi Names: Complete List

Wi-Fi Names

Timeless Classic

The names that were given to routers at the dawn of their appearance in our homes fall into this category. Despite the frequent banality, there are also quite conceptual things.

  1. Unknown Device
  2. Try Later
  3. Wi-So Serious
  4. Home
  5. Try me
  6. Work only
  7. Since 1981
  8. AA Meting
  9. Gee Spot
  10. CutTheWire
  11. Password is Password
  12. NoInternetAccess
  13. Passis1111
  14. Guess Where We Live
  15. City Open WiFi
  16. Very Slow
  17. Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi
  18. Hey_Wassup
  19. Exit to Continue
  20. Who are you?

Message in a Bottle

Wi-Fi Names

The most vivid and self-explanatory, creative Wi-Fi names, supposedly designed to be a message to society or a reflection of the inner world of the router owner.

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  1. Get your own damn wifi
  2. Yell PENIS for password
  3. SlowInternetSlowFap
  4. Whore House is Busy Tonight
  6. Reserved for Guests I Hate
  7. Cunnilinksys
  8. I hate my neighbor
  9. We Can Hear You Guys
  10. NSFW
  11. I’m under your bed
  12. Don’t Watch Porn On My Wi-Fi
  13. ConnectAndDie
  14. Get off My LAN!
  15. Pornhub Casting Couch
  16. I’m_too_sexy_for_WiFi
  17. The wireless-g spot
  18. Big Busty Asians
  19. It’s a Trap
  20. Go get a life dude

Serious and Clever Wi-Fi Names

Wi-Fi Names

It is believed that people who are always busy with serious business rarely laugh. Perhaps so, however, this does not mean that they do not have a sense of humor. They just have their own, specific. You will find many nerdy Wi-Fi names in this collection.

  1. Skynet Global Defense Network
  2. DEA Surveillance #554
  3. CIA Channel 70259
  4. Spying On You
  5. Vladimir Routin
  6. I know your secrets
  7. Brave little router
  8. Hack If You Can
  9. Savage Club
  10. Work_Hard_Play_Hard
  11. Such_a_poser
  12. Server Error
  13. Searching…
  14. DHCP_Failure_Error
  15. Router Malfunction
  16. Area 51
  17. TCP/IP ERROR 42
  18. Try Later…
  19. Hacking in progress
  20. Thug Life

Folk Art

Wi-Fi Names

Fans of literature, as well as music, cinema and various types of creativity try to reflect their hobby in the funny router names, and sometimes it turns out quite interesting.

  1. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  2. todayichosetobeaunicorn
  3. 99ProblemsButWiFiAin’tOne
  4. DoReMiFaSoLaWiFi
  5. C==[]::::::::::::::::::::::>
  6. Final_Fantasy_Finally_Finishes
  7. Space Walker
  8. Enter the Dragon’s WiFi
  9. Hodor
  10. OneDoesNotSimplyLogIntoMordor
  11. Frodo Laggins
  12. Iron LAN
  13. A long time ago…
  14. Jar Jar Linksys
  15. Luke, I Am Your Wi-Fi
  16. GuardiansOfTheGateway
  17. TheSecretChamber
  18. Hogwarts Express
  19. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
  20. SHIELD

Something Incomprehensible

Wi-Fi Names

This category includes everything that has an extremely deep, metaphysical meaning. Modern science and philosophy is not yet able to explain the need for the existence of these funny Wi-Fi network names.

  1. defaul
  2. The Internet
  3. iWiser
  4. Alt-255
  6. Maverick
  7. Fobos
  9. TeNeT
  10. AAAAA
  11. W^3
  12. Thomson
  13. Usa Usa Usa Usa
  14. 8hz WAN IP
  16. exe
  17. AOL Dialup
  18. Pure reason
  19. NEO
  20. 1stBardo


In fact, some kind of creativity is quite rare. Most people keep the default router name. And when you turn on Wi-Fi on your device, you can see a list of almost identical network names.

So use your imagination to come up with a funny SSID name. At the very least, you will delight your neighbors, guests or clients. And this is already good in our extremely serious world.

Wi-Fi Names

Please note that the name of your router should not contain your personal information, it should be different from others, not offensive or overly provocative. Also take care of a strong password and data encryption.

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