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Hey, Wanna Have Some Mount and Blade Cheats?

Have you ever wanted to be a cheater? Be happy, there are games in which cheats are officially allowed!

Mount & Blade has a built-in system of cheat codes designed to test the game and modify the gameplay. Why not take advantage of this? Especially, if you don’t like some kind of gameplay component ‒ you can get away from it.

If you encounter an obstacle in the process or just want to test one or another gameplay element, then you can use the set of cheat codes built into the game.

Unlike most other games where codes are entered through the console, in Mount and Blade Warband cheat menu you first need to go to the launcher (a separate executable file in the root directory of the game), and then press the “allow cheat codes” checkbox in the highlighted menu with the settings. Now you can safely go into the game and experiment using the key combinations from the Mount and Blade Warband cheats list below.

Key combinations/Action Description

Ctrl P ‒ Transfer control of the character during the battle to the AI. Admittedly, he is capable of shooting quite well in a long-range battle.

Ctrl H ‒ Full recovery of the hero during the battle.

Ctrl-Shift H ‒ Complete cure of the horse during the battle.

Ctrl F3 ‒ Damage your character. This command, for example, can kill a hero if an unpleasant bug suddenly occurs in the game.

Ctrl X ‒ The selected character in the group instantly gains experience.

Ctrl X ‒ Similar to the previous key combination, but used when the character’s screen is on, accrues 1000 experience points to the hero.

Ctrl X ‒ If you want to get hold of extra money, then use Ctrl X with the inventory turned on. Each press gives a hundred coins.

Ctrl W ‒ A significant increase in weapon handling skills. Adds 10 points to each line in the character profile.

Ctrl Alt N ‒ The entire enemy army is knocked down.

Ctrl-Shift F4 ‒ Aiming to knock down opponents (you need to hold Shift on the target).

Ctrl-Shift F6 ‒ Knocks down allied units.

Ctrl F6 ‒ One Allied unit knocks down.

Ctrl F4 ‒ One enemy unit knocks down.

Ctrl T ‒ Almost completely opens the global map. You will see all buildings, except for secret shelters.

Ctrl-Left mouse button “to the place of the teleport” ‒ Quick movement using the global map. It is enough to move the cursor and left-click on the desired location while holding down Ctrl.

Ctrl F9 ‒ Slows down time. Reusing a key combination cancels the effect.

Ctrl F11 ‒ Quick pause, time inside the game stops.

Ctrl L ‒ A quick way to get an extra 50 thousand experience points. Open the character’s screen to make it work.

Note to the last cheat: it’s better not to try to raise the character level above 61, since at 62- 63 the game can give out a bug, because of which you will immediately be credited with another two thousand levels. As a result, a large number of quests will be impossible to pass, for example, tasks to clean up gangster camps. No matter how many opponents are numerous and strong, they will flee from you. This often leads to crashes of the game.

It is also worth noting that the use of cheats will not help owners of the licensed version of the game purchased on the Steam service to beat out the desired achievements. Activating the ability to enter codes automatically disables their tracking. However, you can always uncheck the settings, then everything will be available again.

Development Mode

In addition to the Mount and Blade Warband cheat menu available to players by default, for the first time in a series, developers have added a debugging mode. You can get into it by pressing the combination Ctr ~ and writing “cheatmenu” in the console that opens. The section that appears will open access to many settings ‒ weather control, getting any item added to the game, moving around special locations, and many other features. Returning to normal mode after the changes are made is quite simple. A similar command “nocheatmenu” is written in the same console.

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