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Top 11 Barbarian Names

The Internet is full of damn “tops”. The best wizards, the strongest warriors, the most beautiful superheroes… Barbarians! Strong, fierce, badly dressed men (mostly) who rob, kill and do anything they want. Great guys to know about.

Movies are made about many different barbarians in history, books are written, comics and cartoons are drawn. Now is the time when everyone is tired of the usual children’s names, and people begin to name their children in honor of someone, and sometimes… something! So, who doesn’t want to name their screaming and food-demanding children with the cool barbarian names? Just think about it.

1. Conan

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One of the most famous barbarians of all time is Conan the Barbarian. This name even if you don’t give a fuck the details of his character.

Conan the Barbarian is a fictional character who was a thief, pirate, mercenary, and king during his turbulent life. His adventures are described in a series of games, comics, books, and films.

Conan, the son of a Cimmerian blacksmith, born directly on the battlefield, he became one of the greatest warriors in history. As a young man, the Cimmerian repeatedly participated in battles, was held captive and managed to escape from slavery. Having matured, Conan became an attractive tall man with highly developed muscles, black hair, and blue eyes.

Conan is extremely strong, agile and hardy, the Cimmerian blood that flows in his veins gives him some supernatural abilities: a barbaric instinct to foresee danger, and an innate resistance to black magic. Moreover, he is well educated, speaks several languages, knows how to draw up maps, and is a good strategist and commander. Conan cannot be a hero in its purest form, on his travels, he didn’t disdain completely non-heroic pursuits ‒ theft and piracy. He is distinguished by extreme bloodthirstiness, temper and cruelty, racism and excessive love of alcohol and women. 

This book character became the most famous after the movie adaptation with the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He made “Conan” one of the good barbarian names. But the Image has certainly been remembered by all of us for a long fucking time.

2. Atilla

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Attila (? – 453) is the leader of the Huns from 434 to 453, one of the greatest rulers of the barbarian tribes ever to invade the Roman Empire. In Western Europe, he was “the scourge of God”. Attila makes his first campaigns with his brother Bleda.

One of the sources about Attila says that he was a ruthless, bloodthirsty and pagan ruler. However, the historian Priscus calls him in his exposition the King God. Atilla named himself the”son of heaven” This suggests that he acknowledged forces above him.

You can talk a lot about this leader. Many believed that he was not a man, but a real monster. If you want your son to be feared at school ‒ call him like that. Just be careful. Attila eventually killed his brother. Names have great power! Probably. 


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Lobo is the last alien born on the utopian planet of Czarnia, who destroyed his people just for fun. According to one version, the genocide of the inhabitants of Czarnia became his school project.

In various comics, crossovers and not only, but this asshole also came across such bright personalities as Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, Judge Dredd and Mask. One of his tricks is that Lobo will definitely fulfill the contract, even if his own children were ordered (and that really happened).

But his main feature ‒ he cannot be properly killed. In Hell they don’t welcome him, in Paradise, there is no place for such a killer either, there is only one way out ‒ to live on. This Lobo knows how to do that.

4. X-O Manowar

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X-O Manowar is a fictional character from the Valiant comic book series.

Arik from Dacia, a Visigoth who fought against Rome shortly before the fall of the empire. One day, along with his people, he was abducted by the alien race of Vines. Well, ordinary day for those times.

Having escaped from captivity, Arik found out that due to the difference in time between the ship and the Earth, he returned to Earth only in 2012, and everything valuable to him died. Now the ancient barbarian armed with the most powerful weapon in the galaxy forced to find his place in this alien world.

His adventures in super-epic armor will be interesting to many. And X-O Manowar can be a funny barbarian name for a child.

5. Barbaro Cavernario

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The real name is Leonardo Moreno Ayala, but this is not interesting to us. This is a wrestler with an original name and style. His name literally means Barbarian Caveman. In fact, one excludes the other, this is already too much for one person, but who cares? The guy was a memorable fighter in the ring, especially everyone who remembered his signature move, Cavernaria.

6. Fafhrd

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Fafhrd is a hefty barbarian northerner who brilliantly not only fights with a two-handed sword but also sings, and he may be too romantic, but his northern practicality wins, and the character is a part of a book with many fantasy barbarian names. He has something similar to the Conan The Barbarian, but different. Travels with his brother, Gray Mouser. 

Throughout almost the entire cycle, a couple of notorious adventurers travel through the lands of the Nevon world and constantly get into all kinds of troubles. Fafhrd and Gray Mouser are selfish, greedy, eccentric and simply rude. They don’t do any nonsense like saving the world unless they are well-paid fit, but they do not hesitate to participate in various adventures, fights, raids on sorcerers and blasphemous priests.

The world in which Fafhrd and the Moushels travel is gloomy. But the adventures of the characters are full of both exciting, touching moments, and selective humor.

They spend a lot of time drinking, beautiful women (and fights for them), gambling and rarely wonder who hires them. All in all, great jerks. They do what they want. 

Fafhrd is a cool name. Well, maybe there are too many consonants in a row. But you will be very original all your life.

7. Genghis Khan

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Another famous real character is Genghis Khan. He was able to conquer almost the whole world known at that time. He and his horde of Mongols rode horses all over the world, fired from bows and robbed and killed everyone they wanted. Some called him the “conqueror of the universe.” Others considered Genghis Khan a tyrant, a ruthless and merciless invader. Information about the legendary conqueror is contradictory ‒ the annals were written mainly after his death, so the figure of the ruler itself was overgrown with legends.

For centuries, the name of Genghis Khan has been synonymous with a merciless and cruel conqueror, drowning enemies in the blood and wiping out many nations from the face of the earth. During his reign, cruel torture was used. It’s only known that he was a great commander, more than once defeating the enemy, surpassing him in numbers. Often he turned enemies into associates.

Being at an advanced age, Genghis Khan, taking care of his health and longevity, began to actively search for experienced healers who would help him become immortal. But, as you understand he didn’t succeed.

A huge harem, gold bullion, and secrets of longevity were intangible traits of Genghis Khan.

If you want all this to your son, call him Genghis Khan. Just be careful, watch him or then you have to pay tribute to the petty bastard.

8. The Barbarian (wrestler)

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Another wrestler that was known in the 1980s by WWF. His story is like a fictional one. As a child, Sione Havea Vailahi was sent to another country by his damn king. He traveled around the country learning new techniques for his battle. After all this, he became a famous fighter. Everyone remembers his unusual appearance. He had combined the various attributes of the barbarians so cool that he began to be called The Barbarian.

9. Warlord

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Do you want more human barbarian names? This is a DC comic book character. Travis Morgan was a Vietnam veteran and a fucking pilot but at one point he found himself in a different world. In the shitty world of Skartaris. He became a barbarian, military leader and eventually lived a dissolute life there. He also has the coolest helmet, even Thor with his wings envies (probably). 

So, it is a great name or nickname at school. Epic, immediately indicates how important you are, rad and it’s better not to mess with you.

10. Thundarr

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Cartoon beloved by many in the 80s. Thundarr is one of the classic barbarian characters, with their hairstyle, clothing, demeanor, etc. But the difference is that he is in the distant future. He carries a “Sunsword”. It’s a lightsaber, but it’s just not a Jedi wielding it. Well, he fights not in a galaxy far, but in the world with unimaginable savagery and arcane magicks. 

Epic name for epic boys.

11. Grokla

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The only woman in this list, but far from insignificant! One of the barbarian names d&d has. Half-orc woman, ruler of Grokla and the Geeks, and she’s practically a monster. Ah, well, a half-orc woman is actually a monster. This character of the Dungeons & Dragons game has excellent characteristics and fits perfectly the description of a “female barbarian”. Many gamers say that she is very similar to NXT`s Dana Brooke but only green and slightly taller.

So, yeah, there are a lot more good bastards that you can invite to this top. But it is impossible to remember all of them. So, stop complaining and enjoy!

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