TWIFT | Lifestyle | Transgender Jazz Jennings Showed Her Photos in a Swimsuit

Transgender Jazz Jennings Showed Her Photos in a Swimsuit

Transgender Jazz Jennings Showed Her Photos in a Bikini

Jazz Jennings puts scars from gender confirmation surgery on ‘full display’ in ‘Jazz Jennings bathing suit’ photo. One of the youngest transgender girls in the world posted on her Instagram page “Jazz Jennings bikini” photos that are not as vulgar as provocative. 

The girl who was a boy at birth felt not in her real body from an early age. Only thanks to her own strength of mind and support from others she was able to make her dream come true!

Jennings has documented her life and gender transition in front of the camera for her TLC series “I Am Jazz” since 2015. In the show’s fifth season, she even let the audience attend the biggest Jazz Jenning’s surgery.

It was a long struggle. The transgender girl had to confront public opinion and show a considerable strength of character to finally prove to everyone, and especially to herself, that she deserved to be a happy and beautiful woman…

Just recently, she let her fans finally see the consequences of long and complex operations. Jazz Jennings didn’t hesitate to post photos in a swimsuit, you can see her scars, which Jazz calls “my battle wounds because they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition”. The girl claims to be truly proud of her scars and does not regret her transformation.

Many adequate people expressed support on the social pages of a young transgender girl:

“Blessings, young lady! Just keep on being yourself; nothing else matters”.

“You are beautiful and a wonderful role model for so many people!!!!”.

“You’re a brave soul and an absolute STUNNER!”.

But many people never want to admit that every free person has a choice of how to look. Some haters expressed their displeasure in a very rude manner:

“A mutilated penis and fake boobs do not make you (or anybody) a woman.”

“Shave your mustache”

“But you are not proud of your body “just the way it is” you were born a male and that is just the way it is”.

There were also those who could calmly express their opinions without threats and aggression. Here is a clipping from a comment by one of Jazz’s followers:

“Each and every one of us was created the way we were born for a reason and we should appreciate and understand that and love ourselves the way we were born. That is what “loving my body just the way it is” actually means”.

But the young activist and transgender who is an icon for many people who can’t accept themselves, clearly does not take tolerance and respect for the opinions of people that differ from her own.

More than a year has already passed since the Jazz Jennings surgery, and she is not going to stop her inspiring activities.

“Every choice I make, each course I take, nothing is a mistake” – wrote Jazz Jennings on her Instagram.

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