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Who Burned the Initials into Crotch of Sarah Edmondson: Scary News about the NXIVM Sex Cult

Actress Edmondson told about how the infamous sex cult leader was to blame for her scars when she was lying naked and blindfolded on the table. This story is much worse than horror movie scripts. What fucking mad people live around us! 

The NXIVM community was joined by those who were extremely insecure, well, or loved the Smallville series. It turns out the stars of this movie are involved in dark affairs, especially the bitch Allison Mack. She is a devil with the eyes of an angel. But stop, you had to fight evil, not join it!

NXIVM: They Promised Self-realization, but Sent to Sex Slavery 

The NXIVM community is when you went to get a job as a secretary but suddenly got to the panel. It was recognized as a sect, and everything is completely justifiable. It gives us the shivers when you get to know all the details of this fucking story. The cover of the sect was the promise of self-realization, control of emotions, personal and professional success. Allison Mack tried to engage many celebrities into the so-called female sisterhood. Unfortunately, almost everyone ignored her. She screamed in live broadcasts on YouTube channels that she knows where dreams can become reality, that she can help every woman in the universe! 

According to NXIVM courses in the USA and Canada, women were promised to overcome emotional and physical barriers, control their mental state and increase self-confidence. In fact, they were stigmatized, turned into slaves, forced to obey their “masters”, suffer from exhausting diets and have sex with the founder of NXIVM. Well, interesting methods, and probably effective! When you have a master like a cat, but he doesn’t even feed you. Instead, he beats, stigmatizes you and forces you to have sex with him.

Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson survived the horror of the NXIVM community. She told the world her story, which revealed the truth. The woman was kept absolutely naked on the table by three women, next to her was a master Loren Zaltsman. Sarah was forced to beg to be branded. After leaving the organization, the actress condemned her publicly, betraying all the dark affairs of managers Keith Ranier and Allison Mack.

Sarah Edmondson first heard of NXIVM from renowned director Mark Vicente. The actress thought that joining the community, she will get the best roles. She did not know then that she was walking into the hands of a terrible sect. Having seen that several influential people of Hollywood are in NXIVM, she realized that here was her gold mine. Who knew that they undress and stigmatize here. 

NXIVM: Crime and Punishment

“Mistress,” told the Canadian actress that there will be some kind of military training for cool bitches. The idea did not seem strange to her, but what came next, she would not be able to forget and would see in terrible dreams.

Sarah stated that she had been threatened and then they created an unfortunate stigma near her pubis. The actress will never be able to forget the smell of burnt skin that has spread throughout the room. Her torture lasted about 30 minutes. Now she recalls everything with fear and horror, looking closely at the KR (Keith Ranier) initials on her body.

This summer, Ranier was convicted of extortion, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to sexually exploit women. Sarah Edmondson was able to help expose the fucking bastard and ensure that the case was brought to court.

The web site NXIVM says that this is a community that will allow you to build a new civilization and reveal it to the world. It is as if they learn the inner nature, having mastered the creative power that every person possesses. It’s cute, nothing to say, though their methods are not so humane, smelling of fucked sectarian activity. They don’t even smell but stink!

NXIVM promised its students “Leadership Success Programs,” but slipped the cat in a bag. They wanted to bring human existence to a new level, but they overfucked everyone in the moral and physical sense. If this is a potential actualization, then it’s time to get away from this fucking planet. 

The courses were conducted by certain sect leaders. Among them were the “mistress” Loren Zaltsman and alpha male Keith Ranier with whom everyone was forced to copulate. But just look at his fucking face. Well, poor girls. This is an insecure ugly motherfucker no one would ever have sex with.

The Star of “Smallville” Allison Mack Was One of the Leaders

The famous actress recruited poor insecure women. NXIVM has been poisoning people since the 1990s. About 16000 people used their services. Someone dumped quietly, and someone was captivated by the sect. Lonely fanatics who have nothing more to live and have fallen for the manipulator. So it was with Charles Manson. This one at least did not force to kill, although, who knows. By the way, it is known that the secret bottom of the organization was opened only to those who did not run away but remained, maybe Sarah is not such a saint girl.

Ranier and Salzman demanded personal photos and videos from their slaves. The sect leaders needed them to blackmail them later. Ranier forced women to have sex with him, forcing them to sit on grueling diets so that they corresponded to his ideas about beauty. He imagined himself the king of the world. 

Ranier had doctors who performed strange procedures with his sexy female slaves. They put on their heads devices that read brain activity, and then directed a camera at them. Women were shown terrifying videos and then have been going crazy. In one of the videos, members of a drug cartel brutally killed girls.

The fucking leader appointed the “housewives,” who picked up six slaves from the new arrivals who later, could choose their servers. Slaves were required to observe strict discipline. the punishment was imposed for any wrongdoing: fines, hunger strikes or beatings.

The NXIVM kept clear documentation of slaves. Well, we are still talking about a serious sect! Catherine Oxenberg testified against the community. Her 26-year-old daughter joined this movement. Due to a strict diet, the girl began to have serious health problems, but she did not want to leave NXIVM, because she believed that it was a necessary experience to shape her character.

Law enforcement agencies have long turned a blind eye to this lawlessness. Probably all these things seemed normal  or maybe the cops were bribed with rough sex, who knows. One of the policemen received complaints from Edmondson and two more women that they were stigmatized but he did nothing. He explained that women themselves agreed to stigmatization, so their rights were not violated.

The Justice Has Been Done

The truth began to go out only 2 years ago when businessman Frank Parlato published the first part of the story “Branding Slaves and Master Ranier.” The dude was suing the sect for many years because of a commercial dispute, and then the poet’s soul broke down and he finished this fucking crap with a book word.

NXIVM just didn’t back down, even filed claims against Edmondson and other women. Accusations of victims, crimes and other cases began to appear. The secret community behaved very quietly and built themselves out of rabbits. Slowly they themselves began to clean up the evidence and forced slaves to delete all the correspondence. Only on October 19, 2017, the governor of New York decided to investigate the situation. It happened! 

In 2018, the FBI arrested Mack Allison. One of the charges is the sexual exploitation of a woman. The actress allegedly occupied one of the leading positions in the NXIVM, following Ranier. Mack got a lot of money and had some fun with those poor girls. Anyway, she stands and smiles into the camera with her sly “innocent” smile. She claims that she was not aware that dark things were happening here and followed a great goal, but she is ready to accept the punishment because she was still involved in the case. She was the main person involved and perfectly understood what was happening. Baby Allison faces from 5 years in prison to life.

Let’s see how they will find slaves in prison… 

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