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Are the US still not over Greenland?

The whole world sees a stupid joke in the idea of Trump to buy Greenland, but the US president himself sees it as a chance to go down in history.

Recently, the world has been discussing the news that the current US president, Donald Trump, is seriously considering the possibility of buying the largest island in the world — Greenland. The island is an autonomous part of the kingdom of Denmark. Previously, the Americans have already tried to do that during Harry Truman’s presidency. However, nothing worked out then.

So, why does the US want Greenland?

Greenland is the location of the most northern US airbase. The island is considered a territory strategically important for NATO and the security of North America. Donald Trump himself and his advisers directly said that the purchase of Greenland is interesting for the United States from a geopolitical and strategic point of view, to expand NATO military presence in the Arctic, where China and Russia are beginning to actively expand.

Yes, the current idea of Trump to buy the largest island in the world is mostly dictated by the desire to get an even greater strategic advantage. However, the United States may also be interested in the island’s rich resources — unused oil, gas, and minerals in particular.

In recent days, sources in the White House confirmed Donald Trump’s interest in acquiring Greenland by the United States is quite serious. Earlier, Trump himself publicly admitted it, saying that the US will defend Denmark, and promising not to do this to Greenland:

denmark nato

Danish politicians seem to think the American president is out of his mind. Most of them have accused Donald Trump of insulting both the Danes and the Greenlanders, and even the Queen personally.

Seems like Trump can only rely on the separatists in this mission. If the freedom-loving Greenlanders want to declare independence — say, for the 300th anniversary of colonization in 2021 — they will be free to sell their homeland to anyone.

In case it ever happens, Greenland will instantly turn into an island of millionaires: even with a minimum price of $ 1 trillion for Ireland, it will bring about $ 18 million to each resident. It seems like a win-win situation, no?

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