TWIFT | Brexit | “Brexit without a deal”: it seems to smell like fried Johnson

“Brexit without a deal”: it seems to smell like fried Johnson

“Brexit without a deal”: it seems to smell like fried Johnson

“Brexit without a deal” is promoted as best as possible, and the new Prime Minister isn’t bothered with this. Many conservative deputies just crave to support a vote of no-confidence. They want to stop it immediately. Perhaps Hunt was right when he told Boris to be more careful. Read more about the risks and the position of May, Johnson, and Hunt about “Brexit without a deal”.

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The Minister of Defense Tobias Ellwood confirmed Jeremy Hunt’s fears that the position of Boris Johnson on Brexit might cause deep public indignation. It’s prohibitive to make such serious steps for the UK without a deal so many ministers, agents, politicians will rebel against the Prime Minister. Tobias Ellwood said that leaving the EU before October 31 without a legal agreement will lead to a shit-hole. In politics, it’s better to use your head and not the other place before moving into a responsible position…

The new Prime Minister is obliged to work out the next moves of the governance ahead. But so far, he has just got a fucking huge chance to blow it. In his case, to lose a vote of confidence is a provocation of new elections. A two-week countdown has already begun. The clock is ticking, Johnson, so you need to shake a leg and set up action plans. After 14 days, if the majority of members of parliament vote “for the proposal”, general elections will be announced. Well, only if the government or any other alternative one cannot win a new vote of confidence.

Brexit news
Theresa May: many words, not much work

Theresa May will be remembered for a final term for her inability to make decisions. Even now, when she left the post, it was necessary to make a decision about Brexit. Before resigning, May once again had deferred all questions for the later stage. We remind you that precisely because of her powerlessness over the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, the lady politician announced her resignation from the post of leader of the ruling Conservative Party and the post of Prime Minister.

By the way, the United Kingdom should have implemented Brexit, leave the EU, on March 29th. However, the government and the parliament of the country still couldn’t reach a general agreement. Until they find points of convergence, it cannot be made from scratch.

The former British Prime Minister Theresa May tried several times to persuade the House of Commons to resolve the situation with Brexit finally breaking the impasse on that issue. There was only one small problem for her: to persuade to vote for the draft on withdrawal from the EU. Theresa May didn’t consider that it’s necessary to consider the requirements to hold a second referendum on EU membership. This is at least disrespectful or it shows the weakness of the politician who was blown away in his skills. In any case, the issue is in the hands of another leader. We wonder what he will decide.

Boris Johnson: it’s time for a new leader to think

So here Boris Johnson got to the cherished little warm spot of the Prime Minister. It doesn’t matter that against him was about a dozen conservative deputies. They fear that Johnson’s policy is too weak. He needs to urgently reconsider his views on the conditions for Brexit, otherwise, it will smell something fishy. Believe me, there will always be deputies in parliament who will want to overthrow the so-called leader.

Why is it time for Johnson to change his tactics?

  1. The threats have already come from Minister of Finance Philip Hammond, who is against Brexit. We need to figure out how to ease his pressure, otherwise, he will lead people.
  2. Together with Hammond, about 30 deputies categorically disagree with the UK leaving the EU without an agreement with Brussels.
  3. The House of Commons has already rejected the project several times, but so far the Brexit date has only been transferred from April to October 2019. Theresa May transferred it as best she could to the last: “My dear, give me 5 minutes, and I’ll work something out with Brexit”.
  4. Johnson promises to withdraw the country from the EU, even if he cannot agree with Brussels. The consequences of such negligence are catastrophic. Hard Brexit will only hurt the UK. If a politician admits this, he will get as much humiliation as Theresa May. Hell, if he needs it, let him do what he wants. If seriously, the British should rather come up with a plan “B” without Boris. Hard political mess, even so fast, is a record for the country. However, perhaps, things will be okay.
Brexit news
Johnson: the fastest exile of a politician

This is like the end of a “movie”, but recently it became known about the prospect of early elections of Boris Johnson. The people still rejoice at the appointment of the politician, but the opposition, conservative deputies, want to fetter the Prime Minister. They plan to provoke an urgent resignation by raising the issue of a vote of no-confidence. According to one of the European skeptics-conservatives, Johnson simply will have no other way out: “He may have no other choice than to call for new elections, although he said he wouldn’t apply to the country until Brexit was implemented”.

A lot of people focus on the negative side towards Johnson, but this doesn’t mean that he will fail everything in one day. Most likely he is a dude with brains and doesn’t climb into hot lava without a safety suit. He has his own strategy, so-called plan “B”. Well, man, we hope that this is true. If it’s not, than: “BRITISH, RUN FROM HIM!”. Well, if all, in the end, is just vicious lies, rejoice and feel happy ever after. Usually, in life, there can be two variants of the outcome of events, the last one is the most fucking awesome. Let’s believe that no accidents would happen! It remains to wish the UK that Johnson wouldn’t let it down, May would stop promising what she couldn’t do, and, Hunt, get on top of this situation, please, maybe you can affect all the confusion about leaving the EU.

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