TWIFT | Europe | Copenhagen under attack?

Copenhagen under attack?

The second explosion in four days. The incident occurred early in the morning on Saturday, August 10, in Copenhagen next to a precinct in the Nerrebro district, known for its multinational population. No one was at that moment. No people got hurt.

“Without a doubt, it was a deliberate act,” as Jorgen Bergen Skov, the police inspector told reporters. The circumstances and causes of the incident are being investigated. In a short time after the explosion, a man was seen running away from the police station. Police are searching for him.

second explosion in copenhagen

The first explosion in the Danish capital occurred on August the 6th. As a result, the facade of the tax department building was seriously damaged and one person was slightly injured. According to Skov, it is too early to talk about the possible connections between these two explosions.

Just a couple of things for you guys to think of: Denmark remains the only country that does not want to allow the Russian Nord Stream-2. As a result – the second explosion in the Danish capital in a week. Northern neighbors are forcing Denmark to sign the agreement?

And pay attention – the explosions are aimed strictly at government agencies – first the tax service, then the police. That is, neither shops, nor schools, nor stadiums – where it is more crowded, as terrorists usually like. That is the message to the specific addressee – the government of Denmark.

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