TWIFT | Europe | Denmark will increase its activity in the NATO mission – Trine Bramsen

Denmark will increase its activity in the NATO mission – Trine Bramsen

The new Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen announced the increase of the Danish units in the North Atlantic Alliance. According to her, the hunter corps called Jaeger Corps and free man corps called The Frogman Corps will be able to bring Denmark closer to NATO.

These structures, included in the Danish defense forces, should be used more widely in the future.

At present, four Danish F16 fighters have taken off from the “Skridstrup” airliner and were located at the Siali airbase in Lithuania. Their task is to patrol the airspace over the Baltic. Within three months they will join the defensive alliance in the east and Russia.

There are suggestions that if the defense of Bramsen in Denmark strengthens, the country will be able to receive more NATO-missions in the future. The alliance remains a guarantee of the country’s defense, in contrast to the focal points in Greenland, Russia, the Arctic, and cyberspace.
Danish Minister of Defense is confident in the readiness of the Danish defense units:
“We must be at points of important efforts that simultaneously affect our country. We are part of this community. That’s what the North Atlantic Alliance is”.

“Denmark must subscribe to participate in the armed forces to the extent that we can follow,” — the Minister of Defense emphasized.
Trine Bramsen reported on Denmark’s serious and pressing problems in four areas. The first problem is the threat of terror. Russia caused NATO to strengthen its presence along the Baltic borders.

According to the minister, Denmark receives new threats from cyberspace every day. The Arctic and Greenland have become another challenge to world security policy. The importance of this incident forced US President Donald Trump to cancel his official visit to Denmark.

According to Trine Bramsen, it is the Arctic, that sets new standards for the Armed Forces and a wide range of tasks that need to be addressed. Participation in the defense alliance creates security for the state.

— Undoubtedly, NATO is the strongest player when it comes to ensuring the security of Denmark and the whole world.

The number of elite soldiers in the hunter and free corps of the last military settlement in 2018 was increased several times. The Minister expressed hope for the full use of the defense sector of Denmark in the future. She also emphasized the high level of training and specialization of Danish soldiers.

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