TWIFT | Europe | Innovations amounted to 10 million kroons: the New Policy of Mette Frederiksen

Innovations amounted to 10 million kroons: the New Policy of Mette Frederiksen

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen opens a new position to promote a new policy development course.

Earlier, an adviser to Prime Minister Martin Rossen received new duties and has become the head of the political apparatus. Ms. Mette is currently working on a new policy development office.

The new state department of the prime minister should provide her with political support. In the future, the Department of the Interior will be assigned the function of coordinating and developing political processes.

mette frederiksen

The department appeared after the creation of the Frederiksen political secretariat in the ministry, headed by Martin Rossen.

The cost of the department that Mette Frederiksen opens is 9.6 million kroons per year. According to the head of the government, it will not bring an additional bill to the treasury.

The Prime Minister does not hide her clear focus on political development:

— I plan to head a government where we will be able accurately to determine the political direction of the development of Denmark. It is important for me that the political choice and the choice of the Danish people determine the course of development of our country.

In her press release, Frederiksen emphasized the importance of modernizing the office of the state apparatus. Exactly these innovations helped to make specific political decisions in favor of the Danes.
A large team of her associates but not just neutral politicians takes part in the course of Frederiksen. It was this fact that caused a critical appraisal of her innovations.

In particular, the Radical and Danish People’s Parties did not agree with the dismissal of politicians of the previous convocation, who were quite effective in their work.

This fall, the Folketing office will discuss the feasibility of such measures made by Frederiksen.

Professor of University of Copenhagen Casper Möller Hansen called the position of Denmark’s new political figures difficult:

— The officials who came to the new department take an intermediate position (or they have a “gray zone”) between the election and their professional view in their positions.
Casper Hansen also said that the creation of a new state apparatus will help Fredericksen establish control over upcoming political initiatives.

— The intersectoral secretariat provides an opportunity to engage in policy development not only within each sector but in general. Such a process does not end with the struggle of the ministries with each other.

Such a structure is very close to the Prime Minister and the Danes. This contributes to the large-scale promotion of political ideas of the government, as well as the connection of ministries with one another, — said Professor Hansen.

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