TWIFT | Politics | US plans to ban flavored electronic cigarettes

US plans to ban flavored electronic cigarettes

The administration of US President Donald Trump decided to make a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes with flavors.

According to federal health authorities, an increase in the number of diseases among the population is associated with the popularization of vaping.

Minister of Health and Human Services Alex Hazard announced the state’s intention to stop the epidemic of flavored cigarettes that has swept modern American society.

— The presidential administration plans to clear the market of electronic cigarettes to stop the peak of popularity of devices among young people. The use negatively affects not only children but also families, schools and communities.

“We are ready for action, as these products provoke a destructive nicotine addiction of the younger generation,” — the minister said.

After meeting with Alex Hazard and FDA Acting Commissioner Sharpless in the Oval Office, the US president called vaping a gigantic business, which became very profitable in a short time.

Trump also announced the intention of the state to seriously study this problem:

“Many people think that vaping is wonderful, it’s great… But in reality, this is not so… It’s necessary to find out the extent of the nicotine epidemic. This whole story is very new… But we are going to deal with it”.

Donald Trump warned of the introduction of “strict rules and regulations” regarding the use of electronic cigarettes in the next few weeks.

The American Vaping Association expressed disappointment with the actions of the US president. In particular, the decision of Trump is to take leadership from the activist against vaping and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“The ban will eliminate options from the market that have changed the lives of several million Americans, helping them quit smoking,” — the association said.

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