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20 Types of Technologies that Improve Sport

Sport has been developing for hundreds of years, new sports are being created, old ones are improving, and so on. And in all this, technology plays a huge role.

With the help of technologies, playing sports, watching it, making money on it, etc., becomes easier every year. Let’s try to see what specific technologies help sports to be better.

1. Weather Control

It sounds like some kind of weird crap shown in movies or in computer games. But this has been a reality for several years! Imagine that an important event has been scheduled in a big city, and suddenly in a week you find out that it will rain. Some people will be a little upset, and some businessmen will lose millions of dollars. For such cases, there are technologies for dispersing clouds, thanks to which you can avoid awkward situations.

This is exactly what authorities did during the 2008 Beijing Olympics by breaking up clouds that appeared to have rain in them. I will not explain how this happens and how it is done. God, I don’t understand anything in this, I just know that they spray some substances into the air that prevent the formation of clouds. But I’m not sure. Google it, I’m not a professor for you! But you must admit, such technologies are even a little scary.

2. Improved Fields

From the weather, we’ll go over to the conditions on the sports grounds.

Previously, all sorts of games took place simply in the fields, not artificial, but only adjusted for a specific game. Now the same football field is rather a perfectly made carpet, which, can be lifted right now, shaken off, and taken home. Although I doubt that you have a house of this size. But the thing is that almost ideal conditions for athletes are created on the field in order to increase their productivity and thereby the entertainment of the sport itself.

3. Better Viewing Experience

It’s easier to watch the process. A very simple innovation, and it’s even difficult to call it a full-fledged technology. Everything is very commonplace, the camera can not follow the details and show absolutely all that happens on the site. This is especially true of football and soccer. One of these is the first down line in football, and the other being the score prominently displayed at the bottom of the television screen.

Now viewers can’t even imagine broadcasting without these “innovations”. But these things were not immediately invented either, and we are grateful to those clever people who thought of displaying the score on the screen constantly. Everything ingenious is simple!

4. Markets

Many say that sport is a business. I completely agree with these guys ‒ such spectacular games are just for making money. In the same way, you can talk about many sites on the Internet. Why not combine them? It will not affect big business, but let’s talk about small shops that were created thanks to the Internet. Now you can find the site for your favorite team and see all the relevant information about the team itself, players, history, etc. This made it possible to create small markets in any city around the world.

5. Scouting

Now is the perfect time for coaches and scouts. No need to learn anything by rumors, from people, and so on. In order to get the right athlete into your team. You can find absolutely any information about him very quickly. How an athlete can run, how many scored goals player has, how many violations this athlete had, etc. Now you do not have to rack your brains and separate false information from the truth. You can just go online and see for yourself.

6. Fair Play

Have you ever taken drugs? And those substances that help you to be stronger, faster, more agile? Athletes often do all this. Science is developing, and more drugs are being created that cannot be found in the blood. That is, you pumped yourself up with medicines, got a huge advantage in sports, won a lot of money and fame, and you weren’t caught. It sounds very unfair to a real honest athlete. But just as the dishonest drug industry is developing, the technology for detecting them is developing in the same way. Everything in order to make sport the most honest thing. Most of the drugs, almost all of them can be found without problems with the help of diagnostics. Well, for the rest the doctor and testers exist, I’m sure they can find ways.

7. Fantasy Sports

As you probably already know, the meaning of fantasy sports is to make a virtual team of real players and get points for their useful actions in real games, competing with other virtual teams.

This technology is a huge industry within the sport, which brings tremendous income to many people. It really improves and makes the games much more interesting and exciting. It also helps people who are not very good at sports to understand it much better and faster. You seem to be inside the match and you can influence its outcome. This, of course, is not entirely true, but there are feelings of participation in all of this. And that makes you part of the actions filled with excitement as well.

8. High Definition TV

Now huge cool TVs are in almost every apartment. Even more, sometimes such things are in every room, one is better than the other! Why am I recalling this? It is as easy as shelling pears.

Tickets for some matches cost a lot of money, and it’s not always about money, sometimes it’s just impossible to buy a ticket for a very important game, because they are sold out in a matter of minutes. So how do you enjoy your favorite game while sitting at home? It’s simple, you buy yourself a cool monitor, and you sit and enjoy the process in ultra-HD quality. Now almost everyone can afford it and with pleasure watch the team for which you are sick or just for sexy tennis players.

9. Video Games

I already mentioned Fantasy sport. Now let’s talk about my favorite, about video games. 

Every year, sports simulators have increasingly been moving away from “games” to “simulations.” You are no longer just sitting at the computer and controlling the players, in the same FIFA 20 you assemble this team from scratch, become its full-fledged manager, give an interview, and finally conduct matches exactly with the players you have chosen! This adds a huge interest to sports and, believe me, if you like football and you have played a little in FIFA, you just as much want to watch more real matches, go to stadiums, and maybe even play in the yard yourself with friends!

The opportunity to buy a Messi or play with Ronaldo is no longer a dream, but a routine in the gaming industry. The closest approach to reality, amazing graphics, even virtual reality! All this, every year leads us to the fact that soon computer simulations will be as close to real sports as possible.

10. Training programs

Just watching after your body, training, and nutrition is not enough, a professional sportsman needs not even 100%, but 120% of their body power. An extra second for runners, or a couple of centimeters for long jumpers, can be worth a victory. Therefore, athletes need individual maximum effective training. Fortunately, now everything is possible thanks to training programs, simulators, and various tests. Now it’s not so difficult to know which athlete what training program is most suitable for and what exactly he will need to do. There are so many different technologies that anyone can find a way suitable specifically for him and for certain purposes.

11. Internet Connecting People

Not all athletes like to speak with the public. If your favorite player is Messi, then it’s good for you, because there are a lot of interviews, videos and even advertisements with him. And if this is not the most popular player on a regular team? Well, now this is not a problem. The Internet has removed all kinds of boundaries between people and now you can safely write to your beloved boxer on Twitter.

There is even a chance that he will answer you. Or the athlete, immediately after winning the game, will tweet to his fans and you will be one of the first to see this. Many athletes make blog or tweet and try to answer all their fans as often as possible. You can argue with them, share useful information, etc. Sometimes communication becomes so ordinary and simple that you forget that you are talking to a world-class sports star.

12. Tickets

I’m not sure if this innovation has made the sport better for everyone. For freeloaders and fans to get something for free, it got worse. I mean official tickets to sporting events. Previously, you could climb into the window or get through the barriers in the parking lot, and get on the match you need. Yes, this did not always happen and not for all, but still, there were such cases. But now this is impossible. You have to officially buy tickets on 1-2 sites ‒ security and passes remove the opportunity to get in unnoticed.

But it makes everything more civilized and correct. If you bought a ticket for a certain row and place, you definitely understand that this place is yours and no one can take it. So you know exactly where and why you are going. And of course, such a ticket sale pours money into the sport and helps to improve it.

13. Training Replays

An athlete can always find a way to become better. Have you ever seen episodes of Sports Science? That’s what I’m talking about, not everyone will analyze their games so carefully. But those who want to develop to their top, they will use any means, video projections and swing analysis serve to improve their game.

Watching the simulations and their games help athletes give us more spectacular competitions and improve themselves.

14. Stadiums

When we talk about sports, one of the most important factors is stadiums. Now architecture has reached such heights that people can construct huge buildings in the shortest possible time. Huge stadiums that accommodate several places for competitions at once, is this not the dream of any athlete? Huge television screens, an ergonomic arrangement of stands allow absolutely every spectator to see the whole course of events in great detail!

15. Equipment

What is the point of being a cool racer and competing in an old car? The same can be said about the equipment used by athletes like every sports activity. Perhaps the comparison is too harsh, but you catch the point. The athlete reaches maximum potential with the right equipment. A tennis player needs the best racket, baseball player needs bats, and so on. In general, absolutely all equipment, and even a T-shirt, is important for an athlete and is necessary just like running shoes for a runner.

16. Security

Have you ever received a heavy baseball thrown by an athlete who makes a living by throwing this ball as quickly and accurately as possible? I think no one would like to experience this on their own, especially without any protection.

Every player needs protection, even Soccer players run with shin protection. And of course, it considers hockey players and other athletes. Drivers of sports cars, hockey players, etc., all of them need to have improved equipment and modernize it all the time. This helps them to remain safe and continue to play sports, despite some minor injuries, collisions, and incidents during the games.

17. The Game Understanding

It happens that during a match of very strong teams, you just can’t keep track of everything that happens on the court. Everything happened too quickly, or some very important and insignificant moment appeared from the other side of the field. How to keep track of all this? Even professional commentators cannot always keep track of everything.

To do this, there are special technologies that highlight the most important things in the field.

One way this has been done is through ESPN Axis, a revolutionary method of showing the intricacies of the game. This technology displays who scored, when, how, why, and indeed everything you need to know and see in order to understand that YOUR TEAM HAD THE GOAL! Well, or against your team, because you can be a fan of some kind of sloppy team. But in any case, you will at least know which asshole scored a goal to your favorite.

18. Information

You can be busy at work, drive, do an operation, whatever, but all of a sudden, at that time somewhere the most important match or game takes place for you? It is impossible to resist in order to find out the score of the team right here and now. Previously, without a TV with cable or radio, this was very difficult. But now you can get your smartphone, go to one of a million different sites, and see the score of the game, who / when scored, how they did it, and even watch the highlights. In general, everything has been done in order to make it convenient for you to be distracted by sports. Information technology in sport makes it much better.

19. Games Watching

Nowadays there are websites with streams, various kinds of subscriptions to sports channels. All this is created so that you do not miss a single game this season! There are a huge number of sports, tournaments, and games. Every day you can stumble upon some interesting match for the game that you see for the first time!

All you need is to buy a subscription, or register on the site, or do nothing at all and just copy the link you need. It depends on the game and the match, but the most important thing is that you can get access to almost any sports content anywhere in the world!

20. Replays

Referees and fans may not always judge correctly. Even referees who have been trained in this for many years can sometimes ignore or not consider some moments of the game that should have influenced their decision. But the problem is, they just did not notice it! Even if at the same time 10 people observe a foul in basketball, for example, only 1 person can see this moment, and maybe no one. Therefore, there are replays, which in slow motion show the moment of the game from different angles and focus on different players. This brings honesty to the game and removes the possibility of human error. After all, we all want to play fair.

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