TWIFT | Other | Kabaddi stars reveal their sporting routines during lockdown

Kabaddi stars reveal their sporting routines during lockdown

Lockdowns all over the world have brought their corrections to the lifestyles of everyone. A great number of people have started working from home, others changed their occupations or jobs. But how has the lockdown influenced the lives of professional athletes? Almost all sports competitions have been canceled or postponed. What about the everyday sports routine and training, given that sportspeople have to stay fit all the time not to lose their shape and muscle efficiency?

Kabaddi stars Rahul Chaudhari and Pawan Sehrawat share their experience on how they dealt with the lockdown limitations.

This year kabaddi competitions are held again, and the sports fans are waiting for the Pro Kabaddi League, which is due to take place in 2021.

Rahul Chaudhari

Kabaddi stars routine lockdown

Rahul Chaudhari is an Indian professional kabaddi player who started as a defender but then became a raider. He has been playing kabaddi since he was 13 years old. Chaudhari played for Telugu Titans during six seasons, and now is a part of the Tamil Thalaivas team. The star tells that to experience the feeling kabaddi gives it should be played in close quarters, with many participants, in interaction, as it is a team sport. The pandemic makes it impossible.

Nevertheless, to keep fit, Chaudhari practices some kabaddi moves, which is at least something he can do in this situation.

The sportsman admits kabaddi was not popular when he started playing it at school. A lot of school kids didn’t even know about its existence or didn’t approve of those who loved it.

The situation became different a few years ago when the game became commercialized and large kabaddi competitions became popular, such as IPL and Pro Kabaddi League.

Now Rahul Chaudhari is admired by kabaddi enthusiasts who follow in his footsteps concerning his training routine as well as his style.

Pawan Sehrawat

Kabaddi stars routine lockdown

Pawan Sehrawat plays for Bengaluru Bulls in the VIVO Pro Kabaddi league and Indian Railways in the Kabaddi nationals.

During the lockdown, he could be noticed running up and down the stairs or jumping. It was part of his training routine, which he did at home or the stadium nearby.

The star is famous for his special jump, almost 5 feet in height. He even got a nick “high-flyer” for this reason. Sehrawat tells he was amazed by his jumping abilities in his adolescence and kept perfecting this technique.

The sportsman admits he often watches some old kabaddi matches to learn something useful from other professionals. 

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