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Have you seen a new anime on kabaddi?

Burning Kabaddi (Japanese – Shakunetsu Kabaddi) – a new anime, based on manga (which is a Japanese kind of comics) by Mr. Hajime Musashino, has joined the ranks of the sports category of anime. The first episode of Burning Kabaddi was streamed on TV Tokyo in April 2021. And it has become the first anime in the world based on a kind of sport having its roots in India.

The story of the anime revolves around an ex-footballer Tatsuya Yoigoshi who is proposed to accede to a local kabaddi club on the grounds of Noukin Secondary school. Initially, Tatsuya Yoigoshi doesn’t approve of this sport and the idea to join the club, but eventually, he understands that he underrated it.

The creation of Burning Kabaddi anime is a significant event in the history of the sport, making it widely known around the world. Burning Kabaddi consists of 12 episodes, 24 minutes each. It has been made by TSM Entertainment, known by Detective Konan anime and the film Akira, as well as by collaboration on Spiderman and Batman Animated Series.

The manga by Mr. Hajime Musashino was created in 2015 but it had no wide approval. Anime, however, is appreciated and loved by a significantly bigger number of fans around the world. The presence of English dubbing and subtitles makes anime even more accessible.

Kabaddi has been commercialized recently and it is played nowadays in 40 countries. India, Iran, and Pakistan became winners in the last World Cup. Usually, India takes the trophies in kabaddi competitions. Australia, Japan, Kenya, and the USA have recently shown their interest in this sporting activity as well. The fact that anime about kabaddi has been made, reflects its growing popularity across the globe. Previously, other kinds of sport, like basketball, football, volleyball, and boxing were depicted in various anime. Kabaddi stakeholders and India as a country may benefit from kabaddi’s appearance in anime to make it even more popular in the world. 

So what are the principles of kabaddi? There are two teams, each having seven players. They take different sides of the field. The dimensions of the field differ depending on who plays the game – men or women. The match has got two halves, each lasting 20 minutes. The players need to be in good physical shape to have outstanding results in this sport.

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