TWIFT | Football | “Dirty Soccer” is not the reason to resign from presidential post

“Dirty Soccer” is not the reason to resign from presidential post

Robert Farrugia stil keeps his position despite of court case against him and his brother
Why does the Malta Football Association still keep its mouth shut?
Being under investigation for being a part of international betting syndicate Robert Farrugia still remains the president of Msida St. Joseph football club. At least his brother Adrian Farrugia was smart enough to resign from the post of Mostafa FC team manager. Though he also remains under investigation.
These two assholes where indicated as financiers of an illegal betting syndicate of 50 men and women, many of them arrested by Italian police from Catanzaro, including Italian nationals who coached or served in the administration of Maltese club football.
For example, Felice Bellini, formerly a sporting director at Vittoriosa Stars FC, and the team’s former coach, Arturo Di Napoli
Italy and illegal football betting. What the fucking surprise, heh?
And both Belkini and Di Napoli are being blacklisted by the MFA. Same can’t be said about Farrugias.
However, an MFA is saying that the match-fixing did not concern the Maltese Football League, so their hands are tied in this case. It has been said that Italian national association FIGC had sent the MFA their own report on the allegations, but there was also the risk that without any definitive court decree or sentencing, the MFA would not take any action
The conspiracy was over Italy’s Serie D and Lega Pro fixed matches between Robert Farrugia and Bellini. Farrugia even told Bellini that his brother was being threatened by some unlucky bastards from China, who dad lost €52,000. These fuckers could beat the hell out of Adrian Farrugia.
Operation Dirty Soccer was a huge deal in Italian football. And a large number of people are accused of betting on games of the Italian Serie D, Lega pro (formerly Serie C), and second division Serie B. Football players, club management, and businessmen from Serbia, Malta, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Italy.
Investigators suspect 28 matches from the ongoing season were rigged and the suspected financiers being investigated include Serbian, Maltese and Albanian nationals. Police across Italy rounded up 27 team presidents and managers, 17 players, five coaches, and one police officer, and raided club offices.

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