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The Funniest Football Moments

Why do you watch football? Because you love to play or because it’s spectacular? In any case, football fans are countless. But I think even loyal fans didn’t always fall on those moments of broadcasts that caused a smile or a storm of laughter. I’ll tell you now about these fails.

Ronaldo`s Naked Goal Celebration 

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“Real” in extra time pulled out a victory from “Atletico” in the Madrid derby as part of the Champions League final, which took place in Lisbon, and for the tenth time in its history became the winner of the tournament.

The most beautiful final chord of the entire European season was the decisive battle between Real Madrid and Atlético at the 66,000th beautiful Estadio da Lush in Lisbon. Long before the starting whistle of the Dutch referee, Bjorn Capers, the Champions League final 2013/14 went down in history as the first in which not only two representatives of the same championship met, but also clubs from the same city.

Diego Simeone, who went a hard way with Atletico in the Champions League playoffs, was one step away from a significant trophy in his career but was defeated by Ancelotti’s team. Having opened an account in the match and holding “Atletico” to the very end, having spent a lot of energy and emotions, he couldn’t repulse “creamy” in extra time losing 4:1 in the end. Cristiano Ronaldo in this match scored his only goal from the penalty spot at the 120th minute.

After that, he carried out his favorite Ronaldo celebration by removing his T-shirt. For this, he received a yellow card and continued to play further. This was the second time in 10 minutes.

But many didn’t like this gesture. Some fans said he did it specifically for Ronaldo blog cameras that were located on the podium for his biographical documentary Ronaldo: The Movie.

Perhaps someone will think that this is superfluous and inappropriate gestures for football. But Ronaldo can afford it. He had appeared in 11 Champions’ League games and scored in 10 of them, amassing a total of 17 goals.

Maybe he is an egomaniac, but he’s no thief of limelights: he’s a creator of them! He enjoys his game and the game of his team and loves winning moments. Especially when he is a part of it. Was that arrogance? Or did he cross the line? Who cares? It was funny and colorful, I hope he will do funny soccer celebrations more often in the future.

Balotelli`s “Why always me?”

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The famous Balotelli T-shirt inscription, shown to TV cameras after a goal against Manchester United, has become an iconic funny moment to the footballer throughout Europe, as well as the victory of “City” in the derby of Manchester with the indecent for “United” score 6:1, which happened in October 2011. But why exactly this t-shirt? It’s simple. He had a fire in his bathroom and he had to call firefighters the day before the game. So, he didn’t sleep all night and came to the match in a terrible state.

Ramos Drops The Copa del Rey Trophy

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On April 20, 2011, in the final of the King’s Cup, Real Madrid met with Barcelona at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia. The main time ended with a score of 0:0, and in an extra, at the 103rd minute, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, which brought the “creamy” King’s Cup.

Celebrating the victory with the fans the next day, Sergio Ramos was so carried away that he missed the award straight under the wheels of the champion bus, which, of course, drove through the Cup.

“You misunderstood everything. I didn’t drop the cup, he jumped out of my hands when he saw how many people came to greet him,” wrote Ramos on his Twitter.

Theresa May and Her “Wave”

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On June 12, a football match between the national teams of France and England was held in the suburbs of Paris Saint-Denis. The stadium was attended by French President, Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister, Theresa May. British Prime Minister has won the attention of football fans, which she probably would have preferred to avoid. 

Theresa May became the target of ridicule due to an awkward movement when fans launched a “wave” around the stadium. At that moment, when the “wave” just passed the VIP box, and everyone sat down in their seats, the British prime minister suddenly stood up raising her hands. This belated reaction caused the taunts to the politician.

“No matter what state you are in, you still feel better than Theresa May”, “I don’t know what was worse in this game: the defense of the British or the wave of Theresa May. We missed three silly goals, lost in the majority, and Theresa May took part in the wave. What an evening, is just a small part of the English fans and journalists on Twitter.”

Beckham Against Mascot

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In the match San Jose 4:3 LA Galaxy in California, at the end of the game, David Beckham received a yellow card after firing a ball at lying Sam Cronin. This made the player very angry since it was foolish to think that he had it on purpose. He began to argue and get into a fight, the team initiated pulling him away. At that time, a mascot who held up a sign saying “SportsCenter is next” appeared right in front of him. The football star argued with the opposite team, but the cameramen took it off as if the football player was talking to the character. It looked hilarious.

Mourinho “In Jail”

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The most interesting events of the first half fit in the last third when within seven minutes “Inter” on the field became two players less than the opponent. The reason for this was the vigorous action of the Sampdoria striker Nicola Pozzi, on whom Walter Samuel and soon Ivan Cordoba first earned their yellow cards. Moreover, after the removal of Samuel, the Genoese got so divided that his partners risking their health could calm him down. 

Passions were so heated on the field that the whistle for a break was a salvation from the fact that one of the players of both teams hadn’t come under the hot hand of the referee Tagliavento. When Samuel Eto’o saw a yellow card in front of him at the beginning of the second half, the head coach of Inter Jose Mourinho caught a hysterical laugh. He crossed his arms as if they had handcuffed him. Thus, he reacted to the decisions of the judge to remove Walter Samuel and Ivan Cordoba.

Disqualified for three matches and fined 40 thousand euros.

A Football War

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The match: Lazio 0:3 Inter (1998)

The place: Paris

The day before the 1998 UEFA finals, there was an interview with Taribo West. He warned that during the game “it’s going to be war”. He declared his hatred of Lazio and the players of the rival team.

And he didn’t lie, 8 minutes before the end of the match he smashed through Pierluigi Casiraghi and was sent off. After he got up, he looked at the journalists as if he made it clear that “I told you so.”

There are a lot of funny moments in football even though this is a serious sport. But since people participate, there will always be a place for humor!

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