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How to run faster: Tips for Running Fast

Sport is an integral part of our life. Since ancient times, people like to compete, arranging various sports games. Now, sprint is becoming one of the most popular sports — speed short-distance running, and these people are called sprinters. Sprinter knows how to run very fast. And for an ordinary person, not an athlete, to know this, you need to read theoretical material presented in this article, and only then proceed to practical exercises.

Start with a walk

how to run faster

As you know, you must constantly improve your physical fitness to achieve positive results in any sport. To run fast and not get tired right away, you need to start with such an important criterion in sports as body endurance. Start with a simple walk every day for at least 30-40 minutes. You can walk anywhere and at any speed, you need your body to get used to regular movement. After a couple of weeks, you can go jogging. At this stage, monitor the movement of your feet. The main thing is to accustom yourself to put your foot on the ground correctly and push off correctly. You need to push off with the toe of your foot, and when landing, first put your heel on the ground, and then the sock. If you want to know how to run fast correctly, remember this rule above. Running on toes is only possible in training, during the competition the whole foot should work from heel to toe, so this is extremely important. Once your body is accustomed to daily training when you can already easily run several kilometers without shortness of breath and pain in your side, you can start running faster.

The main mistake while running

Many people try to make as long jumps as they can while running and think that this helps them run faster. It’s a delusion and a big mistake. Before you learn to run faster, you need to remember the main thing: the shorter the duration of the flight phases, the faster you can run. The fastest running involves the most frequent and short contact between the legs and the ground. 

Running fast requires some technique

Next, we give a couple of tips, thanks to which you can learn to run fast in the shortest possible time. Feet on the track need to be lowered very quickly. In this case, you should try to move with maximum springiness and softness. This makes it easier to push off.

Holding hands at a right angle and at a short distance from the body. We move our hands in proportion to the movement of the legs.

For speedrunning, the correct torso is also very important. It is necessary to tilt a little forward. At the same time, the angle shouldn’t be very big, since a large slope slows down the run.

Increase your running speed with special training

The main goal of such training is to train the biceps of the thigh, quadriceps and overall endurance of the body. To do this, you must regularly exercise in the gym, using basic exercises for the legs. It is imperative to allocate time for training running techniques. For yourself, you need to choose the optimal length of steps, torso, as well as the frequency of contact with the ground. Well, and another important rule — you just need to run a lot at any opportunity.

how to run faster

Interval running is also indispensable as running training. There are many methods of interval running, but their main principle is non-replaceable —  at first, the athlete keeps the fastest pace, and then the run proceeds at an easy pace. Then again the speed race is repeated. This type of training helps to develop the muscles of the legs, as a result of which there is an increase in strength and endurance. At the same time, the correct setting of the legs is also practiced while running, the frequency and length of the running stride are increasing.

The secrets of fast running for effective training!

For the seeming simplicity of the movement of a professional runner, you need to spend years of intense training. But if the goal is only to improve the existing result, simultaneously correcting the shape of the body and health? Then we divide the task into several simple points and then begin.

How to learn to run fast

how to run faster

So, to run fast, the following points are important:

• Fast running implies a high frequency of contact of the foot with the supporting surface.

• Since fast distances are usually short, we are not talking about the development of general endurance.

• In fast running, the right start has special importance. Losing a few seconds at the start is tantamount to losing.

• Proper nutrition during training and, of course, just before the race. I ate right before the race and training in vain.

• Breathing while running is naturally clearly synchronized with leg work. Each inhale-exhale lasts a certain number of steps (most often 2). The respiratory rate is selected individually but may vary during training due to an improvement in lung function. For the same reason, it is strictly forbidden to talk while running. Out of breath slows down. The converse is also true: if you can talk on the run without slowing down, then not all the supply of strength has been exhausted.

• Hand movements while running are required. But only in the shoulder. The forearm is bent 90° and motionless.

How to run 100 meters faster following these simple rules?

After you have prepared the body for prolonged physical activity, you need to choose a distance for the sprint. It is advisable to start from 50-60 meters. The result of the run largely depends on how you start, how quickly you push off the ground. So, first, you need to work out this moment —  it’s not necessary to run all 50-60 meters at first, you need to reduce the time of the first 10 meters. And only after that start training at the full distance. You mustn’t forget about the movement of the foot, raise your knees while running, move your hands as quickly as possible. And most importantly is a positive mental sports attitude! Today you have become stronger and faster than yesterday, your suitcase of money is waiting for you at the finish line, an angry opponent is running after you. 

Watch your feet. The frequency of contact with the ground can sometimes be increased without training. Simply reduce the stride length. Frequency and length values ​​are not important. When you exercise your legs, these are the maximum values. Try to reduce the step and the legs will begin to “dangle”, try to increase the step and the speed will decrease, you will all the time be “in a jump”.

Keep track of the temperature of the legs. The heated muscle contracts much faster, so dress up according to the weather and be sure to wear sportswear that doesn’t constrain movement. And before the race, be sure to warm your legs with a short warm-up with shallow squats.

If you want to not only learn how to learn to run faster but also how to do it over long distances, then you need to pay special attention to endurance, you can go to the pool to develop lungs, improve breathing. You can do exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, daily squats on two legs and one leg alternately. How can you quickly run jumping up the steps, walking “in single file” (squat, hands behind your head)? But it is better to go to the gym to strengthen general physical fitness. Also, you need to stretch and warm up the muscles every day before training.


how to run faster

If you decide to correct your leg muscles in the gym, pay attention to the complexes for the development of strength and endurance, and not volume or relief. Particularly useful exercises for the strength of the biceps and quadriceps legs.

If you want to reduce the time for starting acceleration, select the correct starting surface and pose. To run fast, professional athletes use special emphasis on the track, while an amateur has the right to lean on a friend’s leg and use a low start. This technique will prevent slipping legs, which is even safer. Keep your torso slightly bent forward. Reliance on the forefoot. The palms are straightened. The gaze is directed forward.


In running, as in any sport, shoes are especially important. Running speed in special sneakers will be significantly higher than in shoes or barefoot. Strongly not recommended to run in flip flops. Not only catastrophically inconvenient, but it is also unsafe. Failure to grip the leg with the ground in a race or corner is fraught with a fall.

Best place to train

Where to train fast running in a modern metropolis? Of course, a running person can be found everywhere: on the side of the highway, on the sidewalk, and a treadmill in a fitness club, and in a park. Running along the side of the road will allow you to take some beautiful photos, but nothing more. Inhaling air polluted by car exhaust and putting yourself in danger of being knocked down is unjustified stupidity.

how to run faster

Running on pedestrian sidewalks is also not advisable. In addition to the proximity of all the same working engines, you interfere with walking pedestrians and you can knock someone down or get a sudden push yourself, which can lead to a fall.

Running on the track is a great cardio load

Normal treadmill training is considered appropriate ventilation. And the most perfect decision is running along special tracks in the park or at the stadium.

Proper nutrition will help you run faster.

And just a few words about sports nutrition. Since you have decided to devote some time to sports, pay attention to your diet. How balanced nutrition will depend on how long you can run fast. The metabolic processes in the body of the runner are fast enough, so the food should be easily digestible, saturated with proteins and carbohydrates.

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