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Let’s go out for skiing: things to remember before the first downhill

Frosty air, sides of a mountain with poured sunlight and skiing… What could be better in winter? But first, let’s get ready to fully enjoy this incredible sense of speed and drive and learn how to ski! How To Ski: Skiing Tips For Beginners.

Ski basics

You shouldn’t miss important moments when standing on snow-white land in the mountains the first time. We’ll tell you more about skiing tips and techniques.

№1 Gravity

This is the force of gravity that functions between bodies. In skiing, it allows you to go down the mountain down the route. It must be taken into account, so be careful, not forgetting that the ability to steer and stop determines your skill.

how to ski

№ 2 Just balance!

Among all the ski technique tips, this one, maybe, the most important. Balance or taking the so-called skiing position of the body relative gravity is a certain position of the skeleton when your knees bent, the pelvis is above the feet, and the hands are in front of the body. The task of this posture is to reduce tension on the muscles and minimize the strain on the joints.

№ 3 Clothing

The best way not to freeze is to check the weather forecast (wind, frost, fog, snow) every morning before going out and select ski accessories for these natural phenomena. Don’t put cotton clothes under the bottom, cause you’ll get cold. The first layer of your equipment should be thermals. Instead of one jumper, use more sweaters, so it will be warmer

№ 4 Your skin

That is what you’ll really feel. If the temperature will be very low, and the sun doesn’t shine as intensely as in summer, this doesn’t mean that you have no chance to sunbathe. On the contrary, snow is the best reflector of the sun, and this leads to suntan, although you feel no heat from the sun at all. We recommend taking sunscreen so as not to detect red spots on your face. Nobody canceled the wind and frostbite. Therefore, it is worth taking care of special moisturizers during the skiing period.

how to ski

№ 5 Ski trails

Each ski trail has its color code that is done for choosing the level of training. This is very important to get acquainted with those of us who came to the resort for the first time. So, the green color of the slope means the easiest level, then blue and red are medium in complexity, and black is the most difficult level. It is not recommended to drive difficult trails early in the morning and late in the evening.

№6 Insurance

It happens so that there are no guarantees of safety even when observing all the rules. It is life and experienced skiers also have unpleasant incidents from time to time. Therefore, before going to the ski trail, you should make sure that you have received travel insurance.

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№7 Equipment

Before the first downhill, we don’t recommend buying the whole set of equipment, since it is very expensive. And there is no guarantee that you will enjoy this sport and you will become a regular visitor to the ski resort. You may make a different decision. To try on this sport, you can rent equipment from friends or just rent.

№8 How to choose skis?

The height of the skis is a key factor while choosing. It is important to make sure that they are 20-30 cm shorter than your height. Long skis will be difficult to turn. If the ski crosses while skiing, you need to return for a smaller size.

So, have a pleasant holiday! You know, it’s good to try new things in life. 

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